Us amplifies Russia’s “invasion” theory Ukraine’s president suspects it has another agenda

2022-05-08 0 By

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said the United States is exaggerating the threat of a Russian invasion of His country, and he suspects the United States has another agenda.Citing multiple sources close to Zelensky and his team, the Politico website reported that Zelensky was increasingly frustrated with the U.S. government and worried that the U.S. was deliberately exaggerating the threat of a Russian “invasion” to create political conditions for a deal with Russia.Zelensky on The 28th press conference urged the West not to create panic.He said talk of invasion would only make Ukraine’s economy worse.Zelensky said on The 28th, the media gave us the feeling that there will be a war between Russia and Ukraine, the army is on the way, is moving somewhere, but it is not the case, we do not need to panic at this time.(Editing by Liu Yusi)