A shares: TBEa electric, yto express and other five companies important announcement

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A shares: TBEA Electric, YTO Express and other five companies important announcement 1, TBEa Electric:Unit to 770 million yuan and a double green carbon fund change especially electrician’s announcement, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of science and technology investment company and south network built xin, south net capital fund management company established network can double green carbon (guangzhou) private equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as double green carbon fund), by double green carbon fund investment in green clean energy projects.Dual carbon green energy fund registered capital of 1.1 billion yuan, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary science and Technology investment company subscribed 770 million yuan, accounting for 70%.2, the weather is perfect:Tianyi Shangjia announced that the company intends to acquire 10% of the equity held by Zhou Shaojian, a minority shareholder of Jiangyou Tianli New Ceramic Carbon Material Technology Co., LTD. (” Tianli New Ceramic “or” transaction target “) at a price of 6 million yuan. After the completion of the equity transfer,Tianyi Shangjia will hold 100% equity in Tianli Xintao.3. Alte: To set up a joint venture company with the chairman of the related party. Alte announced that it and Xuan Qiwu, chairman of the related party, planned to jointly invest to set up Shenzhen Gecko Innovation Technology Co., LTD., based on the technology and products of automobile skateboard chassis, to serve urban logistics, business, family, shared travel and other fields.4, the famous hui: end its 2021 restricted stock incentive plan famous send announcement, the company the internal and external environment facing which compared with the equity incentive plan when large changes have taken place, cause company anticipated operating conditions and incentives set there is a deviation of assessment index, continue to implement the equity incentive plan will be difficult to achieve the expected incentive purpose and effect.The Company’s board of directors has decided to terminate the implementation of the 2021 restricted stock Incentive Plan, and all class II restricted stock units that have been granted but not yet vested are voided.5, YTO Express performance bulletin: 2021 net profit growth of 18.42% year on year, Yto Express announced that 2021 net profit of 2.09 billion yuan, up 18.42% year on year.The company announced on the same day, in January to achieve express product revenue of 3.619 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 20.09%;Business completed 1.329 billion votes, an increase of 4.84% year on year.