80’s goddess, because of rumors forced to leave the entertainment circle, to the United States to get married, became a full-time wife

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On February 19, 1986, the Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court held a trial meeting and publicly announced the crimes of Chen Xiaomeng, Ge Zhiwen and Hu Xiaoyang, the sons of the Elite, and sentenced the three criminals to death for hooliganism and rape.Later, the Supreme People’s Court approved the death sentences of the three men, and they were executed by shooting in March 1936.As the shot of a justice ring, heinous Chen Xiaomeng got his due punishment eventually, that make a person outrageous “rascal case” also come to an end eventually.However, all this was the beginning of a nightmare for gong Xue, a beautiful actress.Although Chen xiaomeng was eventually sentenced to death, the wounds of those he had hurt could not heal.No one has ever thought that Chen Xiaomeng wrote a memoir madly when he committed the crime.In this memoir, he wrote down the names of each of his victims and even described them in detail.Most of the victims were beautiful young women from Shanghai’s literary and art circles, including many popular stars.When the memoir of Chen xiaomeng’s crimes was exposed, Gong xue was also involved in the “gangster case”.Finally, innocent she became the victim of the scandal, career life is therefore a turning point.Gong Xue was born in an art family in Shanghai on March 16, 1953.As the youngest child in the family, she was loved by her parents, and her father, a painter, was interested in training her as an artist.I have to say that the family atmosphere is too important. Under the influence of her father and mother, Gong Xue’s artistic talent has been beyond ordinary people since she was young, especially in acting. She seems to be born as an actress.As a child, Gong loved watching movies and imitated the actions of movie characters. As time passed, she learned from her teachers and her acting skills became excellent.In addition, Gong xue also has a strong sense of the camera, under the lens of her mother, she is innocent and lovely, lively and playful, full of star style.With the growth of age, Gong Xue became graceful and graceful, with a delicate and beautiful face. Wherever she went, she would attract many people’s eyes and turn heads.In the eyes of outsiders, Gong Xue was a child who was “chased by the master”. She was not only beautiful, but also excelled in academic performance.Later, Gong xue was forced to work in the countryside and was moved from prosperous Shanghai to the poor and isolated countryside of Jiangxi province.When she first came to the countryside, gong Xue, who had grown up in the city, could not adapt to it. She was loved by her parents.However, Gong xue did not follow the lead of a young lady. During the day, she participated in heavy manual labor with the public, and at night, she stayed alone in her room and practiced basic dance skills.Although life was hard, she never gave up her dream and kept on.Later, gong xue would feel deeply when talking about this experience. It was this experience that clarified her goal in life and accumulated valuable experience for her future acting career.In 1972, Gong finally finished her work and returned to Shanghai.At this time she is no longer the original ignorant girl, to meet her is a better future.After returning to Shanghai, Gong secured herself a place in a dance troupe.In order to stand out from the crowd, Gong began to train day and night, and her hard work finally paid off. She succeeded in getting a chance to act in a drama.Although it was only a small role, Gong practiced repeatedly before appearing on stage, figuring out details and striving for perfection.After the play ended, her excellent acting succeeded in attracting the attention of director Yin Yiqing.At that time, Yin yiqing was casting for the drama Wheels Rolling, and Gong xue was the perfect candidate.Although there were not many scenes, Gong xue devoted herself to them and attached great importance to them. Unfortunately, her scenes were not aired in the end.Despite some regrets, Gong Xue still did not give up her dream of becoming an actress and became more and more determined on this road.Five years later, Gong finally got lucky and was invited to star in the TV drama Offering Sacrifices to The Red.With the popularity of the TV series, Gong xue became famous as the heroine.In this way, Gong Xue’s popularity became higher and higher, and she became a household name and a goddess in the eyes of many people.Can be in her career flourishing when, she was involved by accident however “rascal case”, the outside spreads rumor, say she and gao Gan children Chen Xiaomeng are having improper men and women concern.Although others refuted the rumor, Gong’s reputation suffered and her career suffered.To escape the controversy, Gong left her homeland and traveled thousands of miles to the United States, where she met her true love.After gong xue went to the United States, her life gradually recovered calm, and in order to support her husband’s career, she became a full-time wife, focusing on the food and daily life of the family.In this way, Gong lived in the United States and did not return to China until 1993.After returning to her homeland, Gong kept an unusually low profile, only taking part in occasional events, but never stepped into show business again.With the passage of time, the original rumors have long been forgotten, but gong xue’s heart could not be healed. If it were not for the original rumors, she would continue to be active in the screen.