Test drive star Tuchaser ET-I, the first 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 mode, 11 speed, super smooth shift

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Recently, equipped with the second generation of hybrid technology – “star nuclear power ET-I full engine super mix” technology of the new model “Star TUchifeng ET-I” appeared in Chengdu.Chefeng ET-I is the first new energy model of Starway Automobile. It forms independent backbone with geely Thor, Great Wall Lemon DHT, Changan iDD and other hybrid technologies, which is of milestone significance for Starway.So what about the car?Xiaobian recently also carried out a deep experience, let’s have a look!First is the appearance, the overall shape with the fuel version of the car is not much different, but the car paint color looks very fresh, is also very bright, the manufacturer also took a distinctive name called Ji Xiao Blue, there are also Li Taibai, Sima gray two colors optional.The rear and rear of this car are also perforated taillights, and the ET-I logo on the back is a combination of green and white, making it clear that this is a hybrid model at first glance.In addition, the fast charging port is designed in the front left position and supports charging of 220 volt home electric.The refueling port is at the left rear of the car, and the fuel tank capacity is about 50L. The designed position is also very convenient for charging and refueling.Come to the car, the whole is mainly black, in the seat texture, the use of soft leather as a package, skin touch position feel soft and comfortable, wrapping is also particularly strong.The main driver’s seat is heated, supports height adjustment, and the interior has more gold glitter on the door panel and center console than the fuel version, which also looks very high-end.Two through-through 12.3-inch screens combine a full LCD meter with a center screen.It is equipped with Lion Smart Cloud 4.0 system and supports FOTA remote upgrade.In terms of space, although it is a compact SUV, but the sense of space in the car still feel more comfortable, the back row has about two fists of legroom.Power is the biggest bright spot of this car, 1.5T engine matching star nuclear power ET-I all-engine supermix (hybrid gearbox DHT), the maximum power of the engine is 115kW, the maximum torque is 230N·m, the total power of the motor is 125kW, the total torque is 315N·m, pure electric endurance is 105KM, the comprehensive operating range is more than 1000km.According to the introduction, the star nuclear power ET-I equipped with the super mixed technology with 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 mode and 11 speed of the addition, integration of DHT, full scene drive, high transmission efficiency, intelligent travel, intelligent electronic control drive, super endurance six technologies, and the full scene is applicable, more advanced than the conventional 2 gear 3 mode.The test drive process is also a good experience of a wave!Let’s talk about some of the feelings of this test drive!This test drive route covers urban, highway, mountain road, national road and other road conditions.The journey from Chengdu to Dujiangyan is more than 100 kilometers, covering most of the daily car scenes.The overall driving experience is very smooth and calm.The car operates much the same as the gasoline version, but there is an option to adjust the energy recovery in the gear lever.When driving in urban areas, it is driven by pure electric EV mode.When you hang the gear and release the brake pedal, you will find that the car immediately moves quietly, and then gently press the accelerator pedal the car will accelerate very briskly, the whole acceleration process is very soft and smooth.Continue to press the pedal to the bottom, at this time the engine on the dashboard began to enter the power, but the whole process without obvious shaking or stuttering.At this time, if you release the accelerator pedal and try to slow down, the vehicle will quickly enter the state of kinetic energy recovery, and the blue number on the LCD dashboard will instantly turn green. Compared with the traditional version, the brake pedal stroke of ET-I version will be slightly longer, but the overall braking force is relatively linear.Switch to HEV mode when on the highway or mountain road. When accelerating, you will feel more responsive and push your back.As for the chassis feeling, this car adopts the independent suspension with multiple links after the former McPherson, which is relatively rare among models of this level.In terms of driving texture, thanks to the configuration of independent suspension, the road sense is very clear, especially in bumpy road conditions, the shock absorption effect is relatively good, can filter out most of the bumps, with a certain degree of comfort, but also take into account the mild movement performance, steering wheel steering is also clear and controllable.Generally speaking, the overall feeling of the chassis of this car is more in line with its positioning.There is also the question of battery range, which can reach 105km on pure electric.If you use it for commuting, you can charge it daily.Comprehensive endurance is more than 1000 km, the official feed fuel consumption is 4.8L per 100 km.And most importantly, the powertrain is light enough.According to the official inspection, the spare mass of Star Tuchaser ET-I is less than 1.7 tons.This deep test drive also tested the economic performance of this car.After the test drive, the whole journey was about 118km, and the high-speed section accounted for more than 80%. During the period, the chase ET-I was always in the feeding state. Finally, its apparent fuel consumption was 5.8L/100km, which was 1L less than the official one, which was a very beautiful data.The low fuel consumption of Chifeng ET-I is mainly due to the hybrid transmission DHT, the core part of star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid, which can adapt to road conditions to control the battery. For example, in the case of congestion, the system will automatically charge when driving and park to charge when the congestion stops.Long distance, can also be extended drive, parallel drive mode and energy recovery function to charge the vehicle while driving.Write last: in this period of soaring oil prices, I believe that some of the friends who have plans to buy cars have begun to consider new energy models.And pure tram cannot avoid the problems of short mileage and long charging time. Obviously, such a super long endurance hybrid model is the best choice.And in the price of about 150,000 yuan, whether in appearance, power, or endurance, star chase wind ET-I is also a good independent brand compact SUV, for young people who do not want to go with the flow, the pursuit of personality, but also a comprehensive and balanced choice.