Search for track overlap personnel urgently!The announcement of the tracks of the five COVID-19 positive cases in Taigu involved multiple locations

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Residents of the district: On February 19, 2022, 5 positive cases of COVID-19 virus nucleic acid were found in the district.In order to effectively do the screening and control of the above positive personnel and secondary personnel, ensure that no one is missed.We are urgently looking for people with overlapping activity tracks with the 5 positive cases, and their activity tracks are as follows: 1. Travel track of case 1: At about 10:00 on February 17, she got off the highway at the entrance of Taiyuan Wushu Expressway, and then took national Highway 108 (via Yuci and Dongyang) to return to her home in Taigu Tianli Xindu.Around 11:30, he went to Jingu Noodle restaurant opposite tianli Xindu community for lunch. He did not wear a mask during the lunch, and then returned to his home in Tianli Xindu.At about 14:00, Patient 1 and his father Patient 2 paid the fee at the property of Tianli Xindu residential area without wearing masks. After finishing, they returned to their home in Tianli Xindu.At about 17:00, they drove to Mingshi Community of Beiyang Village with their father case 2, son case 4 and daughter case 5.At about 18:00, drive to Chaoyang Village, Hucun Town.Around 19:00, back to tianli Xindu home.At about 9:30 on February 18, patient 1, her father patient 2, son patient 4, and daughter patient 5 went shopping by car from the north gate of Donghai Market to a grocery store (store on the west side of the intersection) and Xiangsu King food store (intersection inside donghai Market). They did not wear masks during the shopping.At about 10:00, I drove to CC Kamei Jewelry store to repair my necklace (opposite to Jinniu Shopping mall on The Main street of Nanguan) without wearing a mask.Around 10:20, drive to the Malleable Steel Factory dormitory (unit 1, the first building east of the north gate of Meibao Shopping mall, Xiguan Main Street).Around 11:00, drove back to tianli Xindu community home floor.Around 11:30, go to the old pub (East China Sea North Wuma River bridge south) for dinner.Around 14:00, return to xiangsheng community (Fengyi Street) gate stop, then drive back to tianli Xindu home.At about 8:00 on February 19, Patient 1 walked from home to the vegetable shop on the west side of Tianli Xindu District (after the public toilet at the entrance of Township Road 020 and The second Middle School intersection) to buy vegetables, and then to the Tiancheng Pharmacy on the east side of the grocery store to buy drugs, and then to the Cainiao Courier station in Tianli Xindu District to get the express delivery.About 8:30, back to tianli Xindu home.2. Schedule of Case 2: At about 15:00 on February 17, she went to The Car wash of Che Luban, a shop in Tianli Xindu Community, and the rest of her schedule was the same as that of case 1.At about 8:00 on February 18, he arrived at the Social Affairs Management Center of Beicheng District (Fengyi Street) on foot, and then arrived at the Neighborhood Committee of Xincheng Community (Fengyi Street) on foot. The rest of his itinerary was the same as that of case 1.At about 15:00 on February 19, I went to Tianli Xindu Property to get the invoice.Schedule of Case 3: At about 11:30 on February 17, she went to Jingu Noodle restaurant opposite tianli Xindu community for lunch. She did not wear a mask during the lunch, and then returned to her home in Tianli Xindu community.At about 9:20 on February 18, I went to Tiancheng Pharmacy at the gate of Tianli Xindu community to buy medicine. I wore a mask all the time and then returned to my home in Tianli Xindu.Around 11:30, go to the old pub (East China Sea North Wuma River bridge south) for dinner.At about 14:00, return to the gate of Xiangsheng residential area, and then return to tianli Xindu home by car.On February 19, I stayed at home all day.Please contact Taigu District Epidemic Prevention and Control Office (0354-6223354) or take the initiative to report to local villages (communities) and implement epidemic prevention and control measures immediately.If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation and other symptoms, please immediately report to the local village (community), and wait for follow-up treatment by epidemic prevention and control personnel.Those who fail to report, conceal or falsely report causing serious consequences such as the spread of the epidemic will be held accountable by the public security organs in accordance with the law.The epidemic is not over yet, so we must not relax our awareness of prevention and control.Report to the village (community) immediately after returning from middle and high risk areas.COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Taigu District, Jinzhong City (Dai Zhang) February 20, 2022 Source: Rong Media Center, Taigu District, Jinzhong City