The Great Saint in Qi Heaven disturb the Heavenly Palace

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Under the careful guidance of his teacher, Sun Wukong learned the immeasurable power in three years.Among them are seventy-two variations and tumbling clouds.However, as the saying goes, the Taoist is one foot higher, while the devil is ten foot higher. With the continuous enhancement of the supernatural powers, sun Wukong also breeds many demons in his heart.This is the Taoist a post higher, the devil a post higher classic interpretation.The so-called Tao, from today’s point of view, is our professional knowledge and skills;The so-called devil, is the heart of those dark, gray or evil ideas.In journey to the West, there is a plot that many audiences pay special attention to — after sun Wukong finishes his studies, he shows off his supernatural powers for his brothers in school at noon one day.This ostentation awakened the slumbering patriarch.When the master called him over, he drove him down the mountain and out the gate without saying anything. When he left, he said to him, “With your present development, I am sure you will cause some serious trouble in the future.I don’t want you to repay me for your kindness. If you cause any trouble in the future, don’t say you are my apprentice, or I will do whatever I want…”This extreme treatment of Sun Wukong surprised many viewers and readers, and even made them feel that the master was a little unsympathetic.Isn’t it simply a way to show off your talents?In fact, otherwise, this is enough to show that sun Wukong right now had heart demons.This demon is a demon in the eyes of master. To express it in our language is pride and show off.People’s bad hobbies and psychological quality, in fact, is a system.Showing off means showing off. Showing off means you’re proud, which can lead to greed, which can lead to bullying.The development of Sun Wukong later, we have been reading journey to the West, we will find that sun Wukong’s master predicted everything happened.After returning to his own mountain of flowers and fruits, Sun Wukong first recaptured his water Curtain cave from the hands of demons.Then display the magic powers, from the nearby prefecture county grabbed a lot of weapons, re-armed his monkey monkey sun, in the mountain to establish their own goblin team.Not only so, he also personally to the East China Sea Dragon Palace, rely on their own divine power strong to get ruyi golden cudgel.And once in a dream, he also sleepwalked to the underworld, sold the book of life and death.So far, all listeners please note that sun Wukong’s arrogance and show-off has begun to rise.He had begun to upset the normal moral order.As his unstable heart became more and more arrogant, he would not only disturb the earth, but also the sky.Later, because of his golden cudgel in hand, because of his 72 kinds of changes, he also gathered some wild animals on the mountain, like the ox demon king and so on to form the 72 cave demon King.He is the demon king of the demon Kings, which is what we call the big brother.The existence of such a force in the world is a big hidden danger.Sure enough, the monkey touched the sky after several times.But heaven was kind to him, and called him to Heaven, and first made him a horseman.But he thinks the official is small, all the way hit the south gate to go.So there was the first great uproar in Heaven.Li and his son led their heavenly soldiers and generals down to capture the monkey.As a result, they found that the monkey was so strong that even Nezha’s third prince was no match for him.There is no way, the court of Heaven twice, the monkey transferred to the sky so that he did the great saint.Readers should pay special attention to the fact that it was Sun Wukong who came to the post.This official rank, should be able to and the Jade Emperor on an equal footing.At this time, the Monkey King should be at peace and devote himself to the service of the heavenly palace. However, at this time, his inflated ambition has not been satisfied.Upon seeing this, the Jade Emperor, including all the officials and generals of the Heaven, arranged for him to attend to the peach garden, which is known as the Flat Peach Garden.As we all know, it is clearly explained in books and also reflected in TV works — the peaches in the flat peach garden are at least 3,000 years old, 6,000 years old, and 9,000 years old.Sun Wukong guarded beside every day, every day can eat.There is a very interesting question: everyone knows that monkeys love to eat peaches. Is it true that the Jade Emperor is so stupid that he doesn’t even know that monkeys love to eat peaches?Not so. In fact, the Jade Emperor has ulterior motives for this arrangement.He hoped to appease the Monkey King’s restless heart in this way.First you are given the highest office, then you are given a job to tie you to, and at the same time you are given a job to satisfy your appetite.You have your man on a leash and you have your mouth shut.At this point, we think, Sun Wukong should be quite content.However, the following plot development greatly disappointed and surprised all the gods in heaven, including the Jade Emperor.The Monkey King not only robbed himself, but also finished all the bigger peaches, ate all the bigger ones, packed all the smaller ones, could not eat for nothing, brought them to his monkey Monkey Sun, and finally managed the peach garden into a mess.In today’s words, when Sun Wukong was an official, he was a big corrupt official.The Sun Wukong that learns art to return, because had 72 kinds of change and somersault cloud to become unconquerable demon king in demon bound gradually.To appease him, the Jade Emperor gave him two chances.However, the court of Heaven to his two peace eventually provoked is a more thrilling big trouble in heaven.Since the birth of Journey to the West, Sun Wukong has always been a hero in the hearts of our people.In the whole cultural system, in the psychological expectation of the whole people’s culture, he is a hero who caused havoc in heaven, defended the injustice of the people, and fought against injustice.After the above interpretation, everyone may have doubts, that is, how can such a hero become a corrupt official in your analysis?Readers don’t worry, I then for everyone analysis – Sun Wukong in the sky did two positions: the first is the smallest bi Horse wen;The second was the great sage of Heaven.In the process of doing the smallest official position of the horse, he made a mistake now corrupt officials have made, that is, he thinks his official is very big, but objectively his official is very small, but he feels big over the sky, so in their own that mu three points on the ground to do whatever they want.So, bi Horse plague mentality is now corrupt official mentality: old feel very big, in fact, their very small.In this emotional entanglement, he may breed evil factors, evil behavior, this is bi Horse plague.The second is the Great Sage of Heaven.This official has just mentioned that The theory of logic can sit on an equal footing with the Jade Emperor in the imperial court.As a matter of fact, sun Wukong never sits when he is in court. The monkey’s buttocks cannot sit steadily. He always stands.Including Li Tianwang, Tai Shanglao Jun and Tai Bai Jinxing all had the ceremony of regal and official, while the monkey did not.This makes people feel very smooth.However, as the manager of the direct supply of peaches to the Peach Society, he had made a great mistake, but he did not think it was wrong.Burglary, that’s the first felony, and the second is admitting wrongdoing.He found the reason is the Jade Emperor to tie the peach club all the daluo immortals were invited, but he was not invited, so the chaos in heaven.When interpreting this section, scholars of later generations can basically see one point — if you compare the peasant uprisings in history carefully, none of them revolted because the emperor did not invite him to dinner. Therefore, sun Wukong’s havoc in heaven makes no sense at all.If there is a reason, it is not that others despise him, but that he feels inferior.So, after the Monkey King ate immortal peaches, he did not know how to repent. Instead, he caused a riot at the banquet and drank immortal wine.After stealing peaches and wine, he was drunk and ran to heaven, broke the thirty-three days, entered the alchemy room of the Lord Lao Jun, and ate all the elixir.At this time, sun Wukong can be said to be a traitor, and he committed all the crimes.The Jade Emperor was now unable to contain the monkey, so he mobilized all the troops and horses in the heavenly palace and sent 100,000 heavenly troops to hunt the monkey down.But as it turned out, everyone knew that a hundred thousand men could not bring down one monkey.Finally, under the joint action of the three forces of Guanyin Bodhisattva, Taishanglaojun and Erlang God, sun Wukong was caught.However, after all kinds of tests, it can not be killed.At last we found out that we had put him in the old Lord’s furnace and tried him for seven hundred, seven hundred and forty-nine days.However, this not only did not hurt the monkey, but also helped him out of a pair of fiery eyes.After the monkey got out of the stove, it started the so-called second havoc in Heaven.Thunder Lord, electric mother, four heavenly Kings, nine yao god and twenty-eight stars, all battle with Sun Wukong face to face, still can not hold the monkey.Finally, out of desperation, the Jade Emperor moved from the west to the Buddha.Buddha slapped sun Wukong under the five elements mountain.We say, Buddha’s slap is great.He slapped the whole heavenly palace five hundred years of peace.It is necessary to maintain the world with The Dharma.A restless heart, a restless heart, a arrogant heart, how should calm down?This is a philosophy and life proposition that Journey to the West provides for us to think about.I often say that cultivation consists of two meanings. Cultivation refers to cultivation of Taoism, which corresponds to skill training and professional knowledge learning.Refining means refining demons.Demon has a meaning in ancient Indian Sanskrit, which is a mental disorder, a gray mental illness that hinders one’s development.With the continuous improvement of his professional skills, sun Wukong’s demonic nature is getting heavier and heavier. Finally, the original awe-inspiring Monkey King has become an unconquerable demon.Therefore, such as Buddha this slap is not to suppress the hero but called fu Dao demon.As we will see later in Journey to the West, sun Wukong protects Tang Priest along the way and removes the demons, which are generated in his own heart.We will gradually introduce the reader to the concept of inner demons in future pages.Now we need all readers to understand a truth — in the process of appreciating the literary work journey to the West, many of us have taken on a subjective emotional color.Because we love Sun Wukong, love me, love my dog, so that all of sun Wukong’s words and deeds, and even out of line behavior are considered positive.In fact, sun Wukong was not perfect until he was appointed as the Holy Buddha of war by Buddha After he completed his pilgrimage to the west.So far, we sort out the figure of Sun Wukong, we will find that in the whole process of his development, he has experienced a process from crazy to quiet heart.Sun Wukong is called the heart ape in Journey to the West.What is the heart ape?We can understand it this way: the monkey is the representative of the mind, including the place of his practice and his journey to become a Buddha, is the process of a heart gradually mature.In Western literature, there is a similar reflection. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, human development goes through three realms: one is hell;One is purgatory;One is paradise.Sun Wukong’s journey from monkey to demon to god and finally to Buddha is actually the growth process that all people’s minds have to go through.