NPC deputies in Guangdong inspect the Yangjiang offshore wind power project

2022-05-06 0 By

This morning, the 19th group of the 13th NPC deputies in Our province visited Yangdong District and Yangjiang High-tech Zone to inspect the offshore wind power project and the construction of Guangdong yangjiang International Wind Power City.The NPC delegation inspected the YANGjiang Nanpeng Island offshore wind power project of CGN, the Fanshi Project of CGN, and the onshore centralized control center of THE China Energy Saving Offshore wind power Project to learn about the construction and production capacity of the project.It is understood that the total investment of CGNPC Yangjiang Nanpeng Island offshore wind farm project is about 7 billion yuan.After completion, the project is expected to generate 1 billion KWH of online electricity annually. After the expiration of the tax incentives, it will bring about 150 million yuan of tax revenue to the local government every year, bringing good economic benefits to the local government.The National People’s Congress Ming: to examine, we look at the situation of the offshore wind origin, I think, in order to make offshore wind the whole industry chain can healthy and orderly development, cultivate better offshore wind power market, the suggestion for offshore wind state subsidies gradually TuiPo mechanism, establish a good for offshore wind power industry development gradual development space.Later, the inspection team went to the high-tech zone Guangdong (Yangjiang) International Wind Power City, Guangdong Mingyang New Energy Technology Co., LTD., to understand the wind power city development planning objectives.It is understood that Guangdong Mingyang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Yangjiang with a total investment of 1.55 billion yuan of industrial base project, with first-class standards, first-class technology, first-class design and the spirit of great craftsmen, to create world-class offshore wind power high-end industrial cluster.In the first half of 2021, 488 sets of blades and 356 sets of complete machines will be produced.In the first half of 2021, the output value reached 5.88 billion yuan, and the tax revenue reached 47.259 million yuan.Liang Tao, NPC deputy:Yangjiang sea wind power development is very fast in recent years, is the best starting point, promoting yangjiang economic development as we know, we have to strive for national superior some policy implementation, in order to better improve the offshore wind more policy guidance document, simplify the project go through the time for examination and approval of sea, shorten time of examination and approval, better improve the efficiency of wind power industry development,It is all aspects that we, as NPC deputies, should pay attention to.Sun Yuanyuan, NPC Deputy: As NPC deputies, we hope to issue some policy documents to encourage the development of offshore wind power projects, and reduce fees for the use of sea areas and land taxes and fees.Huang Yebin, deputy to the National People’s Congress and former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Jiao Lansheng, deputy to the National People’s Congress and deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress attended the inspection activities, accompanied by liang Suoyi and Ke Yan, municipal leaders.Text: Lin Qiana Camera: Ao Zhuolin