28 years of wrong life: Just because Xu Min and his wife and their key members gathered in Kaifeng doesn’t mean the morning is about to break

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1.The reason why the “Mistake for Life 28 Event” continues to ferment on the Internet is that this event itself is related to the mother’s reproductive environment, the public order and good customs of the society and the clean atmosphere.Sure, there are people driving traffic from popular events, but ask yourself, who in the Internet economy doesn’t want to have their own fans and build some “power” for them?We can not too much blame in this event to become a lot of Internet celebrities, otherwise the public opinion will turn, will be the same to denounce the voice of the people, thus diluting the event itself is concerned, this is called avoiding the important, put the cart before the horse, will eventually let the truth sink into the sea!Therefore, no matter the cat mother 45, palm wisdom micro, plum thank you and so on the image of the network now to what point, we should be in line with the attitude of understanding;If you ignore their just words and deeds and only expand their negative role, you will think that they are all swordiness, capricious, and mercenary. You may even push them into the opposing camp and put them into a situation of eternal ruin. This is not the attitude of the people who seek the truth!2.It has been more than 5 months since court 918 opened its second trial, and the official result has not been announced.What level did this case reach?Is the news from Reuters true?Can people transfer punishment to be realized?These question marks as eating melon masses who also have no power to straighten, we only according to the hands and feet of the parties, every motion and motion, a guess about, mouth addiction, make from the net holmes, make a self comfort, in the clear case is not much benefit.To get the real situation must wait for official announcement!Without an official final decision, we can regard the outcome of the case as subjective conjecture. After all, the incident happened 29 years ago, a long time ago, and some details can be clarified in a short time.Du, Xu two sides have their own positions, memory is reliable also want to draw a question mark;It also involves the interests of many people, especially the existing evidence can’t form a complete sameness chain of evidence, such as: up to now the bracelet, problem and not an exact statement, Xu Minxian discharge is not released, the details of the new branch office du fakes is precisely in response to the family planning policy or children of trying to steal somebody else also don’t know, and so on.However, it is safe to say that xu Min is still carrying on the investigation of the case, with an orderly and persistent attitude that she will not give up until she reaches her goal.3.A very bad thing happened before the Chinese New Year, is kaifeng aunt Li Li and her daughter because of the “28 events” killed, Kaifeng uncle heard the tragic news, was not public for several days;Some netizens said that because the other party made an example of the monkey and shocked kaifeng uncle, he would not fight for Xu Min in the future.But after the Chinese New Year, Uncle Kaifeng stubbornly stood up, he firmly said he would continue to trace the truth of the 28 incident, never give up until get to the bottom of the matter.On February 17, 2022, Xu Min, Yao Shibing and Uncle Kaifeng all moved in succession.First of all, uncle Kaifeng in the ancient city of Kaifeng ushered in the second trial to Du Xinzhi fatal five consecutive questions of li Sheng lawyer.The five questions were directed at Du Xinzhi, who was speechless at the time, but Li Sheng himself excelled and won praise from netizens: 1. Do you believe in karma?2. You do not recognize the DNA test result of Xu Minfang, do you want to do it again?If you’re going to return a million dollars to the hospital, that’s how you got it.3. How on earth did you get a death certificate for your daughter, who was alive and well and who you clearly said was mentally impaired?4, you took guo Wei’s childhood photos to the scene, do you want to say that Guo Wei as his own child?5. How did you manage to give birth to a 1995 child in 1992 with a 1993 birth permit?Du xinzhi was speechless.There is no doubt that Li Sheng lawyer is a very fighting person, is one of the backbone members of Xu Min to pursue the truth.Lawyer Panke also arrived in Jiujiang on the same day and attended the court hearing on February 18.After the trial, Lawyer Pan ke and Xu Min, Yao shi Bing rushed to Kaifeng, with Uncle Kaifeng and Lawyer Li Sheng.4.Judging from the video, Yao shibing and his wife should be in a comfortable mood. After they arrived in Kaifeng, they even went to kaifeng ruins for sightseeing and sightseeing. Xu Min was in a very good state.Xu Min and his wife, uncle Kaifeng, Pan Ke and Li Sheng, two lawyers met in the ancient city of Kaifeng, which may have something to do with the death of her aunt in Kaifeng last year. This matter has not come to light, and netizens are also like a thorny throat, feeling uncomfortable.Some net friends said that Xu Min and His wife, Pan Ke rushed to Kaifeng and Kaifeng uncle and Li Sheng together, should be to collect their own evidence to Kaifeng uncle, convenient to deal with the trial of the future case, and exchange views on the various doubts of the case itself.Lawyer Pan Ke also recently posted a video on his social media platform, saying: “The court session was held in the morning, and immediately after the trial, I went to Kaifeng, Henan province with Xu Min, Yao Shibing and Huang Jihua, the evening talk anchor of Xunyang. We had a rest in Zhoukou, Henan Province, and met with snow. We were very happy.I believe the outcome of the trial is satisfactory, otherwise Lawyer Penck would not be so relaxed;From the video, we can see that they are walking and chatting, which embodies the good mood of light wind, light clouds and quiet years. We would like to believe that Panke is delivering good news to everyone in his own unique way.After the end of “Kaifeng together”, Xu Min and his wife will go to Zhumadian to meet guo Wei and Tian Jing and discuss the next trend.Tian Jing, Xu minfang’s chief logistics officer, also posted a video on social media, saying that the live broadcast was cancelled that night because she had something to deal with.Although jing and guo wei tooling didn’t go to look into the matter, however, they all cooperate with yao’s father Xu Ma action, uncle in kaifeng, invertors Yang YunHao, show that kaifeng aunt, such as the north sea my uncle’s voice and daughter died of the intimate contact with 28 “events”, believe in the trial, you can talk with 28 “events” coordinated;Some people say that the truth behind the Kaifeng aunt incident is connected with the “28 incident”. We believe that if we find out the cause of the death of Lili and her daughter, it will help to uncover the truth of the 28 incident.Of course, just as The lawyer Panke predicted, the case of “918 trial is only the prelude”, indicating that there is a formal banquet behind;Xu Min also said, “The road is long, but the road is long, and I will use my life to measure it”, which also shows that there is still arduous work to do.The second trial has passed for nearly half a year, and the result has not been announced by the government.It can be seen that the “28 incident” will not soon come to an end because of the meeting of the main force of the investigation of the 28 case. Netizens say that breaking through the darkness before dawn, the day is about to break, and good and bad people will have their cause and effect. I think it is too urgent to say!However, we can believe that the main force to investigate the truth of 28 cases will meet in kaifeng ancient City to greatly promote the development of 28 cases, after all, the day will be bright!