Liang Qichao: Composition teaching method

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Liang Qichao’s Composition Teaching Method is the first modern monograph on composition teaching method in China, which fully presents Liang’s thoughts on composition teaching method.Liang Qichao’s thought of composition teaching method, undeveloped by predecessors, has a certain pioneering.It is still of great value to study composition teaching methods today.Liang believes that composition teaching “can be separated from people can not make people clever”, the rules of composition can be taught and learned.This book is a book about the rules of composition, focusing on narrative and argumentation.In the book enumerates a large number of ancient model essays, explains the composition method, the classification explains, the article points continues to analyze, vivid and detailed, is not only the Language teacher studies the composition teaching must read, is also the student self-study composition reference book.Among the three appendices, “The Emotion expressed in Chinese verse”, which is an inseparable part of Liang’s composition teaching method, classifies and elucidates the lyrical techniques of ancient verse and reveals the lyrical skills of verse.Liang Qichao (1873-1929), courtesy name Zhuo Ru, Ren Fu, alias Ren Gong, was born in Xinhui, Guangdong province.Modern famous political activist, enlightenment thinker, educator, historian, writer, scholar.Modern bourgeois reformist representative, one of the leaders of the Hundred Days Reform.His academic research covers a wide range of fields, including philosophy, literature, history, Confucian classics, law, ethics and religion.Writing hongfu, series for “drink ice room collection”.