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Article/Han Qinghua “Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze send warmth into tu Su”.The old year is about to pass, and the new one begins.Night falls, in the “crackling” sound of firecrackers, every family went to the village head or lake please “old man”.In our local, there is a custom, every New Year, that is, New Year’s Eve, to their deceased “old people” are invited back to celebrate the New Year at home.This custom has been passed on from generation to generation.Of course, this is not a feudal superstition, but on the Occasion of family reunion during the Spring Festival, a kind of respect and memory of the deceased.In my hometown, EVERY New Year’s Eve, I always join the group of “old people”, along with my uncle and them to perform the ceremony.When we go, hand also take a pole, a hang of firecrackers, three incense.The place where I invited the old man was on the bank of the Daqing River (Salt River) by Dongping Lake.Laohu town is located in the Dongping Lake reservoir area, where many villages used to live in “depressions”.The Daecheong River became the boundary line as they moved to their current location to avoid flooding.Before the old people died, and are buried in the “depression”, far away from the current residence.Therefore, every Spring Festival, every family will invite them back to celebrate the festival, to show the reunion.Walking in the dark, uncle they smoked, in front.We, the little ones, followed closely behind.Red cigarette head in the move, “shua Shua” footsteps in the forward……At this time, can clearly hear the distance, the sound of firecrackers;You could see little lights in the dark wilderness, incense or candles, left by those who had come earlier.They had gone home with the “old man”.Soon, we came to the river in the wheat field.Second uncle gathers up a small mound of soft earth with his hands, puts incense on it and lights it with a lighter.”Another year, the New Year is coming, grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma, you in the other side of the bitter year, today is our family to reunite the day, you all please go back, happy New Year!Go!Come home with us!””The second uncle said.Next, Uncle four lit firecrackers with cigarette butts.Then the deafening sound echoed through the dim night.We hurried home with the old man.And so on into the gate, brother on the handle of the pole cross in the gate, meaning: my “old man” are back, other gods and ghosts don’t bother.The “old man” was invited back into the hall.There, mother had cleaned it up.The family hall is hung above the wall of the eight immortals table.The table was covered with offerings: chicken, fish, meat;There are apples, oranges, bananas and so on.And a nice bottle of wine was laid out.Next, the “old man” was invited to the seat ceremony.When it was over, my mother would bring out the dishes she had prepared and the whole family would sit down to eat.This is the “New Year’s Eve dinner” on New Year’s Eve, but also the “reunion dinner” of the whole family.On the table, the grandfather could comment on his sons one by one: How much money the eldest brother earned this year, the second brother would have another boat next year, and the water would be bigger and he would earn more.The third is working outside, earning little money, but not tired;Old four…We have to work harder…In grandpa’s heart, he wanted his sons to live better and better every day, to have more and more every year.In fact, at this “comment meeting”, his grandfather could not forget his great-grandson — my son.He smiled to say to me: “you brothers five, now have only this boy, he but my ‘baby a knot in one’s heart’, you certainly valued to me!”With that, he laughed…”Grandpa, you can rest assured!”I said.”Ha ha ha…Can’t forget his naughty ‘baby pimple’…”They all laughed.At that time, grandpa and grandma came to my house early in the evening every year.Since my father was the eldest, it was arranged in our family to offer sacrifices to our ancestors.When grandpa saw that any uncle had not come, he told father to call one by one.Mother said, “Your grandfather is in a hurry –” I thought: his old man’s mood, perhaps we can not understand.My grandparents kept up this ritual until a year before they died.Before I got married, grandpa used to make me go with my uncles.After I got married and had a baby, I didn’t live in my hometown anymore.Because please “old man” to arrange in the night, after I have to ride a motorcycle back.For safety’s sake, grandpa won’t let me go.Now my grandparents have been gone for more than ten years.With the old man’s departure, I feel that the family seems to be a little weak.In the old family, every New Year’s eve, father would take out the kitchen plate on the top of the cupboard, beat the dust on it first, then carefully unfold it, and then stand on a chair to hang it over the eight impatientstable in the main room.Then the offerings are laid out one by one and the old people are given a few heads.At that time, the three uncles and brothers may not all come.My father did not ask me or my brother to call them one by one like my grandfather did.My father knew that every family had its own business to attend to, and that whoever came was welcome.My father did not insist on my going back.And I?He was the eldest of the great uncles, and the “eldest”, just like my father.Sometimes I wonder: What if one year my mother and father were gone and it would be my turn?I thought: I might not be up to my job.At least, I have no room in my old home.The old house and other things were given to my younger brother, which my wife and I agreed to do.My younger brother was the youngest of my three sisters, and living in the countryside, life was not easy.If LET me sacrifice those old people, I have no place to accommodate.Working outside for a long time, living in the circle of their own work, and the association of home naturally less.Uncle brother a few people, also have their own things, are each rush things, usually difficult to meet.Time is long, the past is like yesterday.Night came again, in the “crackling” sound of firecrackers, every family went to the village head or lake please “old man”.Every time at this time, I miss my grandparents in time, would like to taste the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, would like to listen to grandpa’s wonderful “comments”.The scene, the whole family, together, laughing, happy…Sometimes, I think ah, as children, parents in front of them, we always grow up.As parents, they are the backbone of the child, they are the pillar of the family, they are the child’s shelter.Parents in the home, just warm;A home with parents is a home.”Contemporary Prose” is sponsored by Shandong Prose Society. 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