Can it be removed if the sewage and water of the fish tank are blocked? How to deal with it if it is blocked inside?

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Hello, fish friends!If you have any pet fish feeding problems, you can directly search the whole web for fish farming practices and keywords, such as fish farming practices, white water quality, fish farming practices, pet fish breeding, hydromildew…And so on.Fish tank sewage outlet refers to what we call the fish comb, especially the bottom filter fish tank, of course, also includes the water inlet at the bottom of the pump in the tank, whether it is side suction or low suction, it is the same.This is also divided into different cases, in most cases, can find a way to disassemble.First of all, fish tank pumps, whether small side suction or three-in-one pumps, most of them can be removed. In fact, the most effective sentence is: try it yourself.When I said this, some fish friends said, is this a joke?Not at all.Even if we don’t have the ability to do it ourselves, is it difficult to pull down the filter of the pump?We can try. It doesn’t cost anything to try.A lot of small water pumps when we go home to install, are assembled in pieces, of course, can be unloaded.And some low suction pump, we can look at the bottom is not removable screws, if there is, you can remove, no, of course not.Just now, I also checked the low suction pump I used to change water. There are screws below it, which can be removed completely, because the bottom leakage of this pump is easy to silt up.So they designed it to be removable.And then there’s the little side pump, which I accidentally yanked off, and it turns out, it can be removed, too, for the same reason.We can even remove the rotor of the pump.Because at some time, some filamentous things may be wound on the rotor, after cleaning them up, how to disassemble, how to install it.This thing we often do very early, because in the past, the pump easily rotor does not turn, must be removed to remove the filamentous, intervals of time have to check, now basically no longer.Can the fish comb under the bottom filter overflow pipe be removed and operated without draining water?And then there’s the space where the bottom of the overflow pipe in the tank goes into the dirt, which we call a fish comb because it looks like a comb.Most of it is also alive and removable.However, the fish comb may not move without water, the top pipe can be moved.You don’t have to take it all out, you just move it a little bit, and the impurities come out, and then we can clean it up by pumping the bottom, and it’s not too hard, it takes a few minutes.Then follow the original position, the casing installation on the line.We say that there are three pipes inside, one is the water in the cylinder first enters the outermost casing, which is the thickest one. What we can see outside is alive, and the next layer is the sewer pipe. It is not necessary to remove this, which may cause leakage, unless it is particularly dirty inside, it is best to drain water.The last is the water pump hose, that also do not move.As for the fish comb at the bottom, there may be residual impurities. Either stop filtering and use a pumping pipe to drive the water a little, and most of the impurities will come out.Or you have to break a couple of combs, and maybe the gaps are too tight, and this is not easy to do with your hands, it’s not the funnel at the bottom of the pump, that’s easy to do.All in all, these things are not very difficult, mainly depends on our own hands-on ability, simple try to operate.Moreover, the bottom of the tank should not have too much residual impurities, unless the feeding density and feeding amount is too high, in most cases, a bottom pumping for water action, what problems are solved.My piranha fish tank and lucky cat fish tank, the bottom of the silt, if every day to remove these things, I also tired to death, look at the overall water quality stability and state of ornamental fish, as well as density, feeding amount, is the fundamental.I am a fish farmer, more ornamental fish problems please pay attention to, thank you!