In 2022, when government offices and public institutions nationwide adjusted their basic salary standards, how much did you raise?

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Local adjustments started on Monday.Due to lunar New Year holidays just caught in the early of this year, according to the practice of local usually advance payment of wages, in February task now touching the wage increase you are pressed for time, the financial department informed us directly limit the schedule, clear requirements before 26 budget unit to complete the staff wage increase collect information and pay the table, 27 financial business department to complete the appropriated funds and funds for the audit work,Each unit will distribute to individuals before 28th, and the completion will be reported to provincial finance department on 29th.For the adjustment of the basic salary, the financial department has repeatedly stressed that this work is an important political task required by the superior, which must be completed and paid in place on time.Under the repeated supervision of the financial department, each unit each department these days are in the fast speed to deal with the transfer of capital related matters, no accident local civil servants and business in the 28th that is, tomorrow can receive this increase in capital income, in the performance of the reduction of hair in the background, how much is a comfort.1. Belated Basic wage Universal Adjustment The basic wage universal adjustment policy of government offices and public institutions began in 2014.When people club department and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued “on the implementation of the basic wage adjustment authority staff plan”, “on the implementation of the basic wage adjustment institution staff plan”, “about increasing authority institution from retiree LiTuiXiuFei implementation plan” three schemes, large-scale adjustment for staff in government institutions of the country’s basic salary,And make it clear from now on every two years to open a capital transfer window.Adjustments were made three times in October 2014, 2016 and July 2018, with the average adjustment range remaining between 300 and 500.In this way, the fourth large-scale general adjustment of basic salary was planned for government organs and public institutions in 2020, but this adjustment was postponed again and again due to the impact of the epidemic. It was not until January this year that the state officially started the capital transfer below.It is long overdue that this adjustment has been nearly four years since the last one.There are several key points in this general salary adjustment for government offices and public institutions: 1. The scope of adjustment: it must be synchronized across the country rather than regional adjustment. The only difference is the timing of the adjustment.Don’t worry if you are late, the extension time will be replaced as usual.2. Adjustment objects: including civil servants, public employees, enterprise staff and workers.3. Adjustment time: the capital will be reissued from October 2021 instead of 2020, which means that each person can be reissued for 5 months of capital increase difference.4, adjustment standard: this adjustment belongs to the general adjustment, the adjustment is the basic salary, also known as the “national standard” salary, specifically civil servants and staff adjustment is the post salary and salary level, business adjustment is the post salary and salary scale.The salary increase will be around 300 yuan per person, and the capital increase will be financed by the state finance.Because the document is involved in M pieces, here will not be published detailed standards, really want to know can be private letter.Taking 300 yuan as the standard calculation, the reissue of 5 months is equivalent to each person can get 1000 yuan before the year, which is not much money. However, considering the background that the local performance of the year was cut by half, having this income is a comfort at least. No matter how small an ant’s leg is still meat, it is better than nothing.