Give Lithuania a chance to live?Mr. Johnson broke with convention and made an unusual call to China

2022-05-04 0 By

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Lithuanian counterpart Met in London on February 8, local time.During the meeting, Britain appeared to wade into troubled waters in Lithuania, with the Prime minister breaking protocol by calling out China for a rare remark that caught the world’s attention.The British government’s official website reported that The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had met with the Lithuanian prime minister.Mr Johnson voiced his frustration at China’s “trade practices” during a meeting in London with Lithuania’s visiting prime minister, who was reported to have expressed support for Lithuania.This time, Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, broke with convention by calling out China, as if to represent Britain in Lithuania’s troubled waters.Before, the EU had always declared that it would support Lithuania and “unite with Lithuania”. The UK, which had already left the EU, now began to make its presence felt in Lithuania.”China has always acted in accordance with the WTO rules,” foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, adding that “Lithuania, like the EU member states, has fulfilled its political commitments made when establishing diplomatic ties with China.”What China has said has made clear China’s position that China will never compromise with any country or force that provokes China’s bottom line and violates the One-China principle.Despite repeated warnings from China, Lithuania is now hoping to ease relations with China to minimise its trade losses.Lithuania, however, has not been forthcoming enough, thinking that it can muddle through with a name change.It is clear that Lithuania underestimated China’s determination to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.Britain’s support for Lithuania is no surprise.Earlier, when visiting Australia, British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss discredited China and propagated the “China threat theory”, and even claimed that China and Russia had “coordinated invasion” of Ukraine.Truss’s remarks proved once again that the Johnson administration was incapable of distinguishing right from wrong and had lost its diplomatic autonomy.Britain, meanwhile, has tied itself firmly to the American chariot.When the United States announced a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the United Kingdom was quick to announce a similar stance.The United States is leading the effort with Australia, and Britain is eager to join.The United States held a “2+2” meeting with Japan, the United Kingdom held a “2+2” meeting with Australia…Now that Britain has completely followed America’s lead, the Johnson cabinet has become a mindless robot.The UK’s open support for Lithuania’s provocative actions against China will ultimately only harm the UK itself.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu