Alcalas set multiple records as the third youngest Masters champion

2022-05-04 0 By

On April 4, Beijing time, alcaras, 18, defeated rood to win the men’s singles final at the 2022 ATP1000 Miami open.Alcarras won his first Masters final, becoming the youngest winner in Miami’s history and the third youngest player to win the masters series since its inception in 1990.Youngest ATP1000 masters men’s singles champion:Zhang Depui 1990 Toronto 18 years old,157 days Old Nadal 2005 Monte Carlo 18 years old,318 days old Alcalas 2022 Miami 18 years old,333 days old Alcalas 2022 MiamiNadal, 18 years old,333 days old in 2005 Rome 18 years old,339 days old in 2005 Montreal 19 years old,72 days old in 2005 Madrid 19 years old,142 days old19 years old,142 days old