Remember that these words are unspeakable

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The Chinese New Year is coming. Please pay attention to what you say and do. Don’t hurt your harmony because of improper words and deeds.Please remember these 64 bad words.The Great Collection sutra contains sixty-four kinds of evil mouth karma, saying:”Coarse language, soft, not words, lying, leakage, big, tall, light language, the language, the language, language, whisper, lifted up, and the wrong language, curses, fear, eat, Zheng language, the language, kuang language, language thence, qie, evil, sin, sign language, the language, burn, Yiddish, prison language, language, slow, not love language, said sin blame, aphasia, separation, interested, two tongue language,Unrighteousness, unprotection, joy, madness, kill, harm, tie, idle, tie, fight, song, non-French, praise, say he, say sambo.Watch what you do, watch what you say, and do not open your mouth wrong.After all, good words do not hurt.