Mirage appears against the queen, and sophomore’s enhancement depends on merging with the demon

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Original author: Chill.The story of Qin Lou Yue Kana Knight Leavis, according to the progress of the series, is basically more than half, and with the development of the story, the first stage of the small Boss organization – the three desperates with the destruction of Euluga and Frio contract and declared bankruptcy.And sakura’s classmate cow island home underground organization is also untie the true face, belong to the devil organization, but with A jirena they are not a group.This is also reasonable based on the plot before and after, and it does not say that there is only a demon organization including Aguilena, but the former Aguilena was used by Euluga to find potential third-order demons under the excuse of resurrecting Keefe.According to olutega’s previous plan, it can be speculated that the Cow Island house is basically the same, the purpose is to recover the keefe seal and body, resurrect Keefe.As for what to do next, there may be differences between the two organisations.In addition to lose the ability to change the devil fri Ou, on the surface has been abandoned by Aguilena, the reason is very simple, is simply unable to fight for its.Sure enough in the devil’s eyes, worthless people are abandoned!From the current plot point of view, who let Eulutega and cow island home become the devil, this should be a key clue of the follow-up plot, and phoenix on the study of Keefe body and the recovery of the seal this matter, its leader Akashi governor has a greater suspicion.First he made some kind of deal with Olutega, after all, to get olutega’s keefe seal, and to give olutega the Demonic power of timmons drive.In addition, as Keefe’s body gradually has life fluctuations, Wes is also a regular headache, and at this time the Phoenix team is to yi Hui and Wes sent the evil wheel, said it can solve the problem of Wes’s headache.But in fact, after yihui used this evil wheel, which is different from other evil seals, he exchanged with Wes.Wes materializes and transforms into a new form using the Revice drive, while Yihui temporarily disappears. In fact, Yihui exists in Wes’s body as a “demon” at the moment.For the next two or three sentences, Ihui will appear as a phantom while Wes fights demons as kamen Rider.In this way, on the surface, wes’s headache problem is solved, but the previous one-man two-body kamen rider combination no longer exists, and Wes is too egoist as a demon, there is a high probability of trouble without the constraint of one hui!And in a future episode, George Kaki, who had doubts about this, announced that he was going to capture the materialized Wes.But at this time fifty Haze home three siblings, a hui temporarily become a phantom, two years after washing the novice period, often eat;Although sakura still maintain absolute war, but into the plot of cattle island home, join the organization is also a matter of time.So at present, sophomore is necessary to strengthen a wave.After the Menda incident, sophomore heart is there fluctuations, mainly reflected in Phoenix for Menda’s missing attitude is not care, after all, he was just kaki and Akashi’s experiment.Also because of this situation, has been on vacation for a period of time mirage is the initiative, but this time the mirage did not hard accounted for the strength of the body, but asked whether to fit.It is well known that in kamen Rider’s story, once the shapeshifter accepts his or her opposite, there will be a wave of reinforcement.Before that, for example, the demon King accepted the ability of the mirror’s opposites to gain second order.In the kamen Knight Revice trailer, Sophomore is defeated by Olutega and Aguilena, and mirage returns, but this time on Sakura’s side, uniting her against Olutega’s Timmons and Queen Aguilena.Now for sophomores, the problem is how to live with your demons.After all, Yihui has basically controlled Wes on this similar issue, and Wes seems to have completely recognized Yihui.And sakura side, is to admit their own weak, so there is a basic rabu zero combat effectiveness.And sophomore and mirage between, has not been well along, even mirage out is also very easy to be a hui or sakura hit back.If a sophomore what’s wrong, of course, natural mirage cannot survive, so in a day, fai cannot return if agreed a sophomore and mirage, accept each other, completely fused, so false face knight Live will usher in a wave of big, at least basic capabilities and the root and take demon emperor mons is of the nature of the same level.Already appeared kamen rider, in accordance with the order, sophomore really should strengthen, and sophomore demon Mirage’s current performance is not bad, if you want to have a complete result, then protect sophomore is actually his responsibility, nature stands in this point of view, mirage dedication of their own strength is not impossible!​