Sanmenxia Binhe Primary School held an online parents’ meeting for the new semester

2022-05-02 0 By

“Heart” to meet the new semester In the future – sanmenxia riverside elementary school online parents will reopen a new semester, to guide parents to establish all-round development education, focus on children education correctly, dredge the parents anxious mood, to carry out the back-to-school school mental health education and work requirement of the safety education, combined with the current epidemic situation, February 14,Binhe Primary School organized online parents’ meeting for the new semester.Parents meeting, the teacher in charge teacher to convey the epidemic prevention and control work, the requirements of the relevant details when students back to school need to submit the life track of material such as table, inter alia, nucleic acid detection, suggested that each student and parents read the riverside elementary school “a letter to parents” tweet, epidemic prevention and control awareness, knowledge of disease prevention and control,Do a good job of self-protection, to ensure a safe and smooth school.Parents listen and take notes.The parents’ association also publicized safety knowledge, including food safety, fraud prevention, traffic safety, electricity prevention, fire prevention, carbon monoxide poisoning and home safety, urging parents to do a good job in their children’s safety education and supervision responsibilities to ensure their children’s safety.The teacher in charge of all students before the start of the psychological health counseling, to help students adjust their psychological state, relieve the “school anxiety”;Help students sort out their holiday homework, adjust the scientific and healthy schedule, and gradually step into the right track of learning.I believe that this online parents’ meeting will help students effectively relieve the tension of the new semester, make reasonable planning and careful preparation, and welcome the new semester smoothly.During the special period, Binhe Primary School will work side by side with every family, every parent and every child to build epidemic prevention barriers and educate for a better future.(Cao Anyue, Liu Jinchuan)