Got it?The Brooklyn Warriors are officially online, and sure enough KD needs Curry to win

2022-05-02 0 By

With the NBA’s free-agency trade window closed this season, the Nets and 76ers made their biggest trade of the season, with Harden heading to the 76ers and Philadelphia sending Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Draymond and two conditional first-round picks.Both Harden and Simmons are headed to their new teams for the rest of the season.Careful fans have noticed that the Nets’ roster has changed slightly since the trade, from last season’s “Brooklyn Thunder” to the “Brooklyn Warriors” and the Nets have formed a new triumvirate: Durant, Irving and Simmons.Take a look at the current starting lineup of the Nets: Kyrie, Durant, Simmons, Steph curry and Draymond.This lineup looks a lot like the warriors’ 16-17 team.Irving and Curry represent the best point guards of the modern era. Curry is superior in terms of strength, while Curry is compared to Klay, who is certainly not in the same league as curry as a top 3D player.Simmons is the same position as Green, the two can be said to be 50-50 on the defensive end of the strength.Drummond and Rooney are still a 50-50 split, but drummond is the better player in terms of sheer talent.The nets’ lineup now compares with the Warriors’ : Curry > Irving;Klay > Stephen Curry;Durant = Durant;Green = Simmons;The happiest player in rooney’s lineup should be Nets coach Steve Nash.Nash was the pioneer of the small-ball era, and his favorite game was the fast break. As an assistant coach, he learned to play alongside the Warriors, Curry and the dynasty, so much so that the Nets now play a lot like the Warriors.But the pace of harden’s big three was too slow to keep up with Nash’s playbook, and now Nash can safely follow the warriors’ playbook.The current Nets lineup, because Simmons and Irving are very unpredictable.If you’re healthy, you can line it up like: Simmons/Mills;Owen/Benbury;Curry/Joe Harris;Durant/Johnson;Clarkston/Aldridge/Griffin;One thing worth mentioning: Simmons is a perfect fit for Nash’s favored infinite transition defense.If healthy and available, this lineup also has enough shooters to cover Simmons’ space issues.Of course, Simmons’ primary role in the Nets is defense, and now Simmons has upgraded his defense ability to go from the 1 to the 5.Can play a vital role in the nets defense system.On offense, steph curry, Mills and Harris could help irving open up on offense.With durant’s ineptness up front, the talents of Johnson and Claxton, and veterans adriad and Drummond inside, the Nets should be the bigger beneficiaries of the deal.The Nets are still the top oddsmakers in the latest edition of the NBA championship, and they’re still the top contender despite losing their 10th straight game.Sure enough, Durant needs Curry to win!