Step to ramp!The transformation of Liandu allows disabled people to “walk”

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At the beginning of each year, liandu District, on the basis of soliciting public opinion, votes at the “Two Sessions” on ten practical matters concerning people’s livelihood, and focuses on improving the areas of people’s livelihood.Liandu News has launched a column titled “Welcome district’s” TWO Sessions “· Looking back on Practical matters concerning people’s livelihood”, focusing on the implementation of practical matters concerning people’s livelihood over the past year.Today, let’s pay attention to the construction of barrier-free facilities in Liandu.”In the past, when I met a place with steps, I needed to find other people to help carry them up.After the improvement of barrier-free facilities, many steps have been changed into gentle ramps, so that I can go out by myself in a wheelchair.”Mr Yip Ka Lam, a disabled resident of Sai Yin Court, has to use a wheelchair to get around.At the gate of the West Silver Garden Community Service Center, Xiao Bu saw that the steps on both sides had been transformed into ramps, allowing people in wheelchairs to enter and exit the community service hall freely.In addition, a series of barrier-free improvements have been made to the toilets in the service center, including the removal of the entrance steps and the installation of handrails beside the lavatories and toilets, which make it safer and more convenient for the disabled to go to the toilet.In addition to the community service center, the nearby vegetable market, park, public toilets and other points have also been transformed.Lotus is barrier-free point to transform how urban kerb ramp and slope of 99% up to now, lotus area all have demonstration transformation of more than 100 enterprises and institutions, public place, standardized transformation zijin road, garden road, zhongshan street, such as main road 6, downtown one-gallon, pedestrian crossing, kerb ramp slope, and modification of 99%,A total of 13,100 barrier-free locations in urban areas were upgraded.Four provincial-level barrier-free demonstration communities, three municipal-level barrier-free demonstration villages and two barrier-free scenic spots have been built, and 651 families with difficulty in accessing barrier-free facilities have been renovated.In 2021, Liandu won the title of National Barrier-free environment Demonstration Zone.Next, how will the District Disabled Persons’ Federation further promote the promotion of barrier-free facilities construction and vigorously implement xiaobu understood that, in the next step, the district Disabled persons’ Federation will closely focus on the high-quality development requirements of the cause of the disabled, and solidly promote the livelihood of the people.Will further promote the barrier-free environment demonstration area construction, and construction departments such as synchronous advance new village, public places, such as construction of barrier-free environment, promotion guidelines for design of lishui barrier-free environment fusion, vigorously implement the important venue barrier-free reconstruction of public service, complete with good quality at the provincial level and people’s livelihood, raise the level of barrier-free environment construction in an all-round way.The construction of barrier-free facilities Improve the travel conditions for the disabled to edit | moxa Lin press | Jin Hengyi correspondent | area DPF LanWeiJie coordinating editor | | | xin one audit every shadow final true speech statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: