“Local People, Local Sounds and Local Feelings” in Hebei Network Spring Festival Gala

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Taste “reunion”, taste “hometown”.Traditional residential courtyards, green tiles, window grilles, red doors…The 2022 Hebei Online Spring Festival Gala puts “home” on stage, inviting the audience to “sit around the table” and enjoy the New Year.On January 30, 2022 (the 28th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar), the 2022 Hebei Network Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast live simultaneously on the Economic Life Channel of Hebei Radio and Television and the Client of Hebei Radio and Television.The words “reunion” and “hometown sentiment” were painted.In the stage design of the party, the main studio adopts a 360-degree surround design with ultra-high resolution LED screen. The main stage, secondary stage and audience area are organically integrated through huge wing span shape, red lantern matrix and movable platform, creating a rich happy atmosphere of family reunion.The second Studio of “2022 Hebei Network Spring Festival Gala” invites food experts to serve popular online food from all over Hebei.Such as Shijiazhuang network red food “Zhengding eight bowls”, Xiongan network red food “Baiyangdian stew mixed fish”, Tangshan network red food “red fin pufferfish tonifying pot”, Langfang network red food “Sanhe small smoked chicken”, Zhangjiakou network red food “burn north and South”, Hengshui network red food “Fulu fish roll”, hanging foot the audience appetite.There is “local feeling” and “local sound”.The crosstalk “A City” by gao Xiaopan, a young actor from Hebei, and his partner, You Xianchao, gives a full account of hebei’s cultural features and beautiful rivers and mountains.Folk song series “Small Cattle”, “Pair of Flowers”, “Return home”, four-panel singing “Unforgettable Hometown Flavor”, jingdong dagu “Jingyun Rock and Roll” are jointly performed by the inhertors of intangible cultural heritage, the integration of traditional and modern, so that the audience is immersed in the familiar “hometown dialect”.Guest lineup also strengthened the local characteristics, Fang Qiong, Xiao Nan, Mi duo, Wenger couple, Yao Yang and other 20 hebei radio and TELEVISION well-known hosts and anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen, Li Shufan lawyer, “mountain announcer” shou Shan Uncle more than a dozen network talent on the same stage.At the same time, the 2022 Hebei Network Spring Festival Gala uses XR extended reality technology and other scientific and technological means to seek breakthroughs in music arrangement, action arrangement, lighting design, scene design and costume design to show the brilliant culture of Yanzhao.Taking the original historical and cultural dance program “Glory for a Thousand Years” as an example, the program uses changxin Palace Lantern, a national treasure and first-class cultural relic stored in Hebei Province Museum as the creation material (the lamp is also the inspiration for the 2022 Winter Olympic Flame lamp) to launch artistic creation.With the help of XR virtual reality technology, the national treasure palace lantern incarnate spirit, through thousands of years, back to the Han dynasty palace, once again shining the land of China.With ordinary people as the leading roles, the 2022 Hebei Online Spring Festival Gala creates a happy and peaceful atmosphere in the local atmosphere.-END- Editor: Yi Wu Editor: Thursday (some pictures from the Internet)