“I am on duty during the Spring Festival”, only for changde people to realize the dream of high-speed rail as soon as possible

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Changde daily reporter Yun-xia huang at 9 PM on February 2, the sky piaoqi the snowflakes, zhi-wen luo Chang Yi grow in the iron ruanjiang projects the scene to guide the workers of the large bridge construction, the temperature is very low, the pavement of snow has not melt, but that in the group of TieSanJu second division of the high iron builders are doing, snowflakes fall on the helmet also blissfully unaware.This is luo Zhiwen’s second Spring Festival in Changde. In order to ensure that the Changyi Changyuan River Bridge will be closed in April this year, they will not go home for the Spring Festival and work overtime to meet the deadline, only for changde people to realize their dream of high-speed railway as soon as possible.Luo Zhiwen (middle) tests concrete compactness at the construction site.Images provided by the respondents zhi-wen luo, 29, is from weinan in shaanxi, in June 2019 in changde, his main job is to control design drawing to guide the on-site construction workers, for the road bridge over the river engineering specialized graduation he isn’t too difficult, but outdoor homework often is conditioned by many realistic condition, low temperature is one of the bad weather such as rain and snow,Fortunately, we are very experienced, had done a variety of security measures to prevent response.Luo is one of 22 people from Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Henan, Shandong and Hebei provinces who did not return to their hometown for the holiday.In order to make this group of high-speed railway builders feel the taste of New Year in a foreign land, the project department prepared a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner and organized everyone to make dumplings together, and had a lively reunion.After the dinner, they send New Year’s greetings to their relatives in their hometown via video.On the first day of the first lunar month, people get together for drinking, chatting and reuniting with their families online.”Since I started working, I have only spent two Spring Festivals at home. The rest of the time WAS spent in the construction site. My parents in my hometown have two elder sisters to take care of me.Choosing his major in college meant spending less time with his family, which they understood, he says.Luo zhiwen feels that he is luckier than his colleagues, because his wife Wang Yuan also works here. Although she is busy during the day, there are no holidays or double days off, but at least she can see each other every day.Wang Yuan was responsible for the distribution of materials and the uploading of documents. She was very busy with her work every day. They had been married for less than two years.Luo zhiwen said that his wife is sensible and reasonable, and never slows down his work.Their wedding after outbreak delayed until October 2020 at home, after a few days’ leave in a hurry, the couple has worked back to changde, the family hope their children earlier, but two people know, Chang Yi tall iron ruanjiang super-large bridge project is expected to be at the end of the year to complete, so they temporarily not to have a baby, and when time is ripe for the plan.To changde more than two years of time, zhi-wen luo witnessed the transformation of the city, feeling the Chang Deren enthusiasm and friendly, now, the construction of high-speed rail hub, Chang Yi height tall iron ruanjiang super major bridge construction, bridge closure and traffic will be a historic moment, opening of that day of, the Chang Deren Gao Tiemeng has become a reality, he, as one of the builder,I feel genuinely proud and proud.