Congratulations to the Nets!Harden is healthy, Adu could be an All-Star, Nash encouraged the team

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The nets lost 124-118 at home to the Denver Nuggets on Jan. 27.Against the Nuggets, Kyrie Irving sat out again, Kevin Durant was injured and James Harden sat out because of a tight hamstring.Without the Big Three, the Nets’ role players were able to keep up with the Nuggets in the final quarter, which was not easy enough, and Nash was forced to increase his use of young players.Nash spoke to reporters after the Nets lost to the Nuggets.”It was a little bit like the last game,” Nash said. “We lost at the end. We didn’t do the details right.However, this game players are very hard, their efforts deserve recognition.We played the Lakers 24 hours ago, and I was very pleased with the way the players played.”Harden was placed on the Nets’ day-to-day list for the game because of a strained hamstring.Nash said he expects Harden to return for the Nets’ game against the Warriors.In fact, as many Nets fans know, there is nothing wrong with Harden’s body, and the Nets have learned their lesson from last season by trying not to let harden play back-to-back games.By giving up a few games and reducing harden’s risk of injury, the Nets made the right decision.Irving can only play part-time, Durant is still injured, harden really can’t be injured for the Nets.Nash also addressed durant’s injury in the interview, revealing that durant will undergo tests on his knee next week and that his return will be contingent on the results.According to previous reports, Durant’s recovery from the injury is good, and if all goes well, Durant will have a good chance to return before the 2022 All-Star game.Congrats to Steve Nash and the Nets.This is the toughest time the Nets have had to start the season, and things will improve when Durant returns.The Nets only need to finish in the top four in the Eastern Conference.The Nets have a better winning percentage on the road than at home this season.If Irving is intransigent, the Nets’ lack of home-court advantage in the playoffs is a good thing.Of course, most Nets fans still want Irving to compromise before the playoffs begin.The Nets really need a big three to win.# # harden