Apology can not be forgiven 4 stars: Na Ying in the list, and she ruined the reputation of others for 20 years

2022-05-01 0 By

Everyone makes mistakes, and so do glamorous celebrities.Many stars apologize after they say or do something wrong.Sometimes, the public will accept their apologies, because these people’s mistakes are relatively small and can be forgiven.Sometimes, some people will not accept their apology because the person’s mistake is unacceptable.Today, we tell you about 4 celebrities who have apologized that many people don’t want to forgive.The first is Na Ying.Everyone should be very familiar with this singer, her singing skills is very profound, sang many excellent works, so many people love.She got a bad reputation when she was a mentor on The Voice of China because of her direct speaking.In fact, she is not only dare to speak on the Voice of China, she has been brave to speak her mind since her debut.Once, she said that daolang’s songs were all sung by farmers, vaguely contemptuous of farmers.When the male singer’s fans knew this, they began to criticize Na Ying.Many people who heard na Ying’s words also disliked her because of her words and thought she should not look down on peasants.Seeing that her remark had caused so much public opinion, Na Ying quickly clarified that she did not mean to look down upon the peasants.But many people did not believe her explanation.Next, let’s talk about the second star, he is Jackie Chan.Very successful career, an international superstar, and philanthropic.His one drawback is that his private life is chaotic. Many people know about his affair with Cheer Wu. After causing a huge public outcry, he said that he made the mistakes that men make.When many people heard this, they said they could not forgive him. He was shirking his responsibility.The third star we will talk about is Zhang Nala.This is a South Korean actress, excellent acting, pure and beautiful appearance, with a number of TV dramas such as “Diaoman Princess” by many mainland audiences love.She once appeared on a Korean TV show and said she would go to China when she ran out of money.After seeing the video, many netizens said they did not expect her to be such a person and began to hate her.Although she later apologized, many online users did not accept her apology.The fourth star is Ruby Lin.She became popular in the mainland with her role as Purple Myrtle, and she once claimed that Zhou Jie kissed her forcibly when they were filming scenes.This was actually a rumor, which was later clarified by Zhou Jie.After many netizens knew it was a rumor, they began to criticize Ruby, saying she had delayed Zhou jie’s career.Many netizens said celebrities should be cautious about what they say and do because they are public figures and should set a good example for the public.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment below