Zero ling: dredge sewer for the people solution trouble

2022-04-30 0 By

Yongzhou News (correspondent Yang Yan) “Thanks to the community to help us dredge the sewer.Otherwise, it will be a difficult day.”March 13, saw the clogged sewer finally dredge, living in The Lingling district risheng community risheng six group of residents finally relieved.Risheng Six group is a typical village in the city, sewage pipes for years without cleaning, often blocked phenomenon.Recently, six groups of sewers have been blocked, resulting in the front and back of the house sewage flow, foul smell, to the nearby residents travel inconvenience.Risheng community staff to understand the situation and timely to the scene to check, and actively communicate with professional maintenance personnel.The maintenance master inspection found that because the sewer pipeline has been out of repair, has been aging damage, plus there are a lot of sludge, debris, resulting in sewage blockage caused by cross flow.Understand the situation, sunrise community staff to buy maintenance materials, please professional maintenance master, after half a day’s efforts, maintenance personnel will finally replace the damaged part of the sewer completed, and the rest of the sludge and other debris in the pipe all removed, solved the problem of sewer blockage.The repair sewer action, sunrise community to “the masses satisfied” as the starting point, deepen fine management, really do “want to think of the masses, urgent people urgent”, get the unanimous praise of residents.There is no trivial matter in residents’ life. Risheng Community will continue to take residents’ needs and satisfaction as the starting point and foothold of all work, and make every effort to create a better community and effectively enhance residents’ sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction.