To enter the containment building but also carry a stretcher, they “grab single” success!Nearly 4,000 police have been deployed in Shanghai to help communities fight the virus

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“Now the community needs 4 volunteers to wear white, for residents to carry stretchers into the sealing control building home, please sign up for the dragon!”Yesterday noon, xin Yi apartment community neighborhood committee in the group issued a message for help.Originally, a resident of the community had to return home after a spinal injury, and had to be transported on a stretcher because of poor mobility.As the community is still under 14-day closed management, “120” ambulance cannot enter. Meanwhile, the building he lives in belongs to the sealed building, so he needs to wear protective clothing before entering.”At first we were in a hurry.The ambulance will be transferred immediately, all of a sudden to gather four volunteers, and also into the containment building……It’s risky and urgent.”Xin Yi apartment district party branch secretary Shi Jinying said.”I sign up.” “Sign up!”…She did not expect that as soon as the news was sent out, the police volunteers in the group responded enthusiastically, and even opened the mode of “snatching orders”.The four volunteers were Zhang Ji from the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of the municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhang Bo and Liu Yachang from the public security Corps, and Xie Zhiyu from the frontier Port and Navigation Bureau.They quickly assembled, put on protective clothing and rushed to the gate of the community, docking with the “120” ambulance transport personnel who just arrived.After getting to know the patient’s basic situation and precautions for transfer, they used the transfer trolley to push the patient to the building, and then picked up the stretcher from each corner to take the patient home safely.Four police “Baymax” are helping to transport the injured residents in Xinyi apartment community, and nearly 30 police officers are working from home.Early this morning, after receiving the notification of local reinforcements, they immediately reported to The Caohejing Police Station of Xuhui Public Security Sub-bureau, and set up a temporary Party and Youth League branch to cooperate with the community police to do nucleic acid screening, personnel transfer, express delivery and other work in the gated community.Yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau organized nearly 4,000 police officers who work at home and work at home to help the local authorities. They were involved in nucleic acid screening, joint prevention and control, order maintenance, and serving the people, becoming effective forces on the front line of the community’s fight against COVID-19.As Shanghai has launched an antigen screening program, many residents have been given community-issued “COVID-19 antigen testing kits” for self-testing.Yesterday afternoon, Minhang Hongpu new town community, from the municipal public Security Bureau wenbao branch of the political office of the police Liu Yisheng in assisting the community staff to recover the kit found that some residents because they are not familiar with the operation method and other reasons, encountered the self-test invalid situation.”A little boy tried several times without success because he was afraid.”Faced with this, Liu Yisheng squatted beside the boy and encouraged him: “I told him that this is a game to prove whether you are a man or not. Come and test your courage with the policeman.”With his encouragement and help, the child finally completed the self-test successfully.Over the course of an afternoon, he helped more than a dozen other residents who had failed their own tests.Municipal bureau of food and drug environmental investigation team of police Wang Xiahua’s usual work is responsible for the fight against all kinds of drugs in the field of crime, to maintain the public’s drug safety and health.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, she has been involved in the investigation of the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior epidemic prevention materials in all districts of the city.Yesterday, Wang Xiahua, working from home, put on protective clothing and became a community epidemic prevention “big white”.In the nucleic acid testing work of all members of the community, she wholeheartedly assisted the community staff, effectively guaranteed the order of nucleic acid testing site, and timely bailed out residents.Wang Xia-hua as a volunteer in the community to fight the epidemic in the column of registered residents information editor: Wang Haiyan source: author: Wu Linhua