The most effective way to keep your job is to keep your employer

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There is a kind of layoff called “enriching front-line staff”. Evergrande, which is Mired in debt, revealed at the New Year’s mobilization meeting for the construction of Evergrande 2022 Building guarantee on February 6, when talking about strengthening the team building of Evergrande:Before the Spring Festival, Evergrande had organized the headquarters of regional and provincial companies. The headquarters of provincial companies was reduced from 15,000 to 5,100, and a large number of employees were employed at the project front line.In this passage “allocation” and “enrichment to project a line” became Evergrande 2022 layoffs, despite Evergrande is not specified, but the understanding of the real estate industry have clear real estate project company also won’t have so many needs, and in 2022 Evergrande there can be no new homebuilding, so before the project company personnel?We can imagine.However, evergrande, in its current predicament, is justified even if it downsizes. If an enterprise on the verge of death wants to get out of the predicament, it needs to fight back and work hard instead of trying to get out of the predicament. Therefore, it is quite normal to select the best and perfectly explain what is called: natural selection and survival of the fittest.Evergrande’s new layoff method tells us: if you don’t work hard, the enterprise can share wealth with you, but it will never share the same fate with you. You will be the first one to fall before the enterprise collapses.There is an era called “black Iron era” four years ago, Vanke took the lead in calling “live”, now once again judged that the real estate industry has entered the “black iron era”.On January 9, in the theme of “dare to fight will win” annual meeting, Vanke chairman Yu Liang made a summary speech: the real estate industry seems to have become the general trend of wage reduction.YuLiang said, there are many popular on social industries, such as yuan cosmic energy, games, etc., these industries are more likely to pass money incentive to find the right person, and real estate development to don’t have the ability to offer today already, can’t give more than other people’s money, and incentives for money only, are not suitable for work in black iron age in the industry.Vanke’s anticipation on behalf of the entire real estate industry, I’m talking about the real estate industry, not only refers to the real estate development, including real estate project development, engineering construction, real estate, building materials, real estate, decoration, design of research and development of real estate and so on related industry, the industry as a whole compensation and benefits have been of gold, silver, go from the past to today’s black iron age, no matter you recognize not recognize,As an individual, you need to share your destiny with the enterprise in this environment and bring the whole industry back to the golden age once again, which is the right choice for individuals at present.Vanke’s prediction of The Times tells us that only by sharing destiny with the enterprise can we have the opportunity to enjoy prosperity with the enterprise for special matters.There is a kind of unpaid called “staff unpaid wages during the Spring Festival” speak of the devil, and had just finished design institute, it is to report, network transmission “sichuan a design institute has more than 200 employees collective blocking door begging for year-end bonuses after the lunar New Year holiday, and the design institute is going to IPO prospectus listing”, a screwing posture, look at the content of the network are shivering.The design institute was also xiangbobo unit, into the design institute comparable to the central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, but now is blocked door for salary, in the end is “the city salary food all or lion big opening, wild price?”We’ll have to wait and see, but I don’t think it’s just a matter of getting attention before the launch. What’s the story?We wait and see, but the number of wages behind also reflects the plight of enterprise management, let people think of non non, listing and unpaid wages eventually refers to the same way: lack of money.Unpaid wages not wish the Spring Festival, but first of all, the guarantee of food, may have a poetry and the distance, but under the impact of the industry downturn, bread and milk is a priority, there is a word called “total shock”, there is a word called “frequency”, in the era of black iron, what is pain with the enterprise direction line at the same time, spend the difficulties or new stars in the sea, is a migrant workers every new options.But in the new era, competition is the foundation of survival, so every worker to look at the environment, the big market, there is an accurate wind direction, there is an accurate drive to struggle, we will not be in any place to become the talent to be transported to the society.