Spring Festival Gala program unveiled, Shanghai old acquaintance singing winter Olympics, Shenzhou crew “heaven and Earth connection”

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The programme for the 2022 Spring Festival Gala was officially released by the China Media Group last night.He is the president of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Baritone Liao Changyong, who has sung on water and ice, will also sing this time during the Winter Olympics. In the program for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, liao changyong will sing a new song for the Winter Olympics, Light up the Dream, with singer Coco Lee.”The Olympic Games is not only an arena, but also a peaceful event and a love event. The Olympic spirit is across races and regions. Under the five rings, there is a whole world.I hope participants from all over the world can strive for their dreams in this competition.”In fact, Liao Changyong has a long history with sports.In middle school, Liao Changyong, who wanted to be admitted to the Institute of Physical Education, won the first place in the javelin in the county middle school sports meeting.He said his favorite winter Olympics sports are ice hockey, short track speed skating and figure skating.At the opening ceremony of the 2011 World Swimming Championships in Shanghai, he sang the song “Swimming Move”. In the first half of the song, he was still wearing a suit and tie. When the camera turned around, he suddenly pulled off his suit, exposed his bathing suit, jumped into the pool, swam 25 meters quickly, stepped out of the water with wet steps, and finished singing the song emotionally.This “famous scene” ever let Liao Changyong “can’t bear to look at” : swimsuit how so ugly?Why are your legs so short?Some viewers joked that his bangs looked like “water ice moon” when he got into the water with “too much splash”.According to Liao Changyong’s recollection, when the director proposed to him, he readily agreed, not considering the “splash” and “bangs.” “Kuang Kuang swam by, and bang bang stood up, thinking all the time: Where am I?Where’s the music?”However, “Swimming” let young people see a “real” “down-to-earth” Liao Changyong, more admire his “swim singing without breathing” strength.Interestingly, Coco Lee also took part in the show and has been deeply impressed by this scene.A year later, liao changyong sang the aria “No One Sleeps Tonight” at the opening performance of the 2012 ISU Short track Speed Skating World Championships in Shanghai.The stage was a huge ice rink, and given the success of Swim, the director suggested that Liao put on skates and sing while sliding.This time, again straightforward of he dare not promise: “if wear, afraid is a fall and a fall.How does that happen in a short time?I just stood on the ice and didn’t move.”It also taught him what it means to “tread on thin ice.”Liao first appeared on the gala in 2000, when he sang “Sleepless Tonight” in his debut performance.Looking back at his performance at that time, he laughed and called it “childish”.Over the past 20 years, he has become a regular at the Gala, appearing more than 10 times.In 2000, Liao Changyong performed on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time. Compared with the earlier Spring Festival Gala, Liao Changyong said with a smile, “Now there are more and more excellent actors and their works are more and more abundant. It can be seen that we have cultivated literary talents and accumulated literary works over the past 40 years.Stage technology development is also very fast, this year’s Spring Festival gala technology content is higher, the stage is more beautiful.Art and technology are like birds of a feather, bringing more possibilities to the stage.In light up the Dream, the stage feels like crystal clear.”With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics just around the corner, elements of the Winter Olympics have become a highlight of this year’s Spring Festival Gala.In addition to lighting up the Dream, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, will patrol the beauty of the venues in the classic Skating Waltz.Another highlight of this year’s Spring Festival Gala is the “Connection between Heaven and Earth”.Not long ago, @OurSpace posted a picture of the space station. Many netizens noticed that the Chinese astronauts, who spent the Spring Festival in space for the first time, had pasted couplets, “Fu” and lanterns on the space station.Immediately, some netizens began to question with rich imagination: “Is this the ‘Spring Festival Gala picture’ predicted in advance?””There should be a link between heaven and earth, right?”It should be said that the netizens are very witty, look at the program list of the Spring Festival Gala, as expected in the “zero bell” unit, the guest column impressively wrote: Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu.In fact, this is not the first time for Wang Yaping to pay a New Year’s visit in space. On the 28th day of the lunar New Year, Wang already joined the Shandong Spring Festival Gala in space.The program also interviewed Wang Yaping’s family, her daughter said very sensible, mother to pick the stars in space, but she only let her mother pick a star, or the sky will not be bright!Do not know in CCTV version of “heaven and earth connection”, and what kind of famous scene?Shanghai News broadcast from CCTV news, Shangguan News and other editors: Rose sand Editor: Shen Yingjie