Xiaomi Youpin crowd-funded Blue Planet mechanical Watch: limited to 1500 subversive traditional three needles

2022-04-29 0 By

Recently, Xiaomi youping has launched a Xijia mechanical watch U series blue planet, and it is xiaomi Youping exclusive steel edition, limited to 1500, the crowd funding price of 4,399 yuan.It is understood that CIGA Design Xijia as xiaomi ecological chain enterprise brand, the first work is in xiaomi product crowdfunding for the first detonation.In order to express gratitude to rice fans, U series blue Planet – Miui Youping Exclusive Steel edition, limited to 1500 pieces, only miui Youping users open to purchase permission.Traditional wristwatches have three hands: hour, minute and second, which rotate 30° by hour and 360° by minute.The U series of blue Planet simulates the rotation of the Earth and creates a non-synchronous tracking movement, which overturns the traditional movement gear ratio and presents the static clock dial and dynamic minute dial in one dial at the same time, realizing the function of 30° hour hand and 390° minute hand, so that a single point can indicate the time and minutes.Its movement is inspired by the sundial, the oldest timepiece created by Chinese people. The non-synchronous tracking technology movement created by the R&D team won the Red Dot Supreme Award as early as 2013. After 8 years of polishing and research, this technology finally achieved the ultimate appearance of the entire watch.In terms of design, the watch uses micro-carving technology to restore the real sea-land ratio of the earth, showing the altitude of mountains, oceans and other terrain.When reading the pointer in the form of nautical mark skillfully into the ocean map “no pointer” watch inspiration presentation.Art level micro vision, let the vast planet Jane placed between the wrist.