With the new progress and achievements of safe construction and ecological environment protection, we will make greater contributions to the “Ningde Chapter”

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Ningde network news (reporter Zheng Yitong) On January 27, Liang Weixin, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Yongning, mayor, on behalf of the Municipal Party committee and the Municipal government, and the county (city, district) and Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone party and government responsible comrades signed the 2022 Safe construction responsibility and ecological environmental protection target responsibility.Liang Weixin fully affirmed the achievements made in the past year in the safe construction and ecological environment protection of the city.He pointed out that building a safe environment and protecting the ecological environment are both tasks and requirements.From a defender established “two”, resolutely do “two maintenance” the political level, with double zero mentality bear and strong of mission, to carry a stable, ecological protecting party’s political responsibility, construction and ecological environment protection in peace progress of new achievements, all to promote the development of high quality beyond, to write “ningde discourse” to make new greater contributions,To welcome the 20th victory of the Party.Liang weixin stressed the need to earnestly implement the overall security concept, continue to consolidate the achievements of the education and rectification of the political and judicial forces, and carry out regular operations to crack down on organized crime and evil to ensure political security, social stability and people’s peace.To ensure overall social stability, we will take systematic, law-based, comprehensive, and source measures to address risks and potential risks related to stability. We will earnestly organize and carry out a series of special actions to prevent risks at the source, defuse them at the community level, and nip them in the bud.We need to strengthen the foundation at the community level, continue to shift the focus of our efforts downward, invest resources downward, and sink our strength downward. We need to highlight the guidance of the rule of law and the wisdom to enable us to do so. We need to build comprehensive governance centers and improve the infrastructure grid, strengthen the backbone of community-level governance, and lay a solid foundation for ensuring safety.We need to step up innovation in social governance. We need to focus on the targets of pilot areas to modernize urban social governance nationwide, carry out pilot demonstrations and collaborative innovation, and make social governance more modernized, law-based, intelligent, and professional, so as to achieve scale effects by making breakthroughs in key areas and advancing it as a whole.Liang weixin called for strict prevention at the source, strict control of the process, and strict investigation of violations of laws. He stressed that efforts should be made to promote the coordinated development of “high appearance level” of ecological environment and “high quality” of economic development, and strive to build a harmonious coexistence of human and nature modernization.We need to promote green and low-carbon development, give full play to the driving force of ecological and environmental protection, promote coordinated efforts to reduce pollution and carbon emissions, optimize and adjust the structure of industries, energy, transportation, and land use, strengthen zoning control of the ecological environment and the “dual carbon 1+N” work system, and make development more clean, green, and sustainable.We will intensify efforts to prevent and control pollution, ensure that our blue sky, clear water, clear seas and clean land are protected with higher standards, and continue to improve the rural living environment to ensure that environmental quality remains at the forefront of the province.We must do a good job in the rectification of environmental supervision. We must make rectification as soon as we know it and make rectification as soon as we take action. We must make clear the responsible leadership, rectification target, rectification measures and rectification time limit item by item.Yang Fang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, presided over the meeting.Municipal leaders Huang Guozhang and Bao Jiangsu respectively reported the implementation of 2021 Safe construction Responsibility and ecological environmental protection target responsibility.City leaders Wu Yunming, Liu Zhengyu, Hu Nan, Liu Dengjian, the president of the municipal court Dong Mingliang, the chief procurator of the Municipal Procuratorate Shi Zhonghua attended the meeting.