The whole industry chain production base of Futong Optical Communication is busy with the Spring Festival

2022-04-29 0 By

On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, the thick Smell of the New Year filled the Ancient town of Jiashan Xitang.Located in xitang Town, Jiashan County, the pilot area of Yangtze River Delta ecological and green integration development demonstration area, Jiaxing Futong Group optical communication whole industry chain production base is working at full capacity to ensure the demand of New Year order delivery and guarantee the national information construction.In the intelligent workshop on the production site, it is still a hot working scene.The workers are absorbed in checking and maintaining the machines.All kinds of robots and manipulators perform most of the operations autonomously in an orderly manner.In the final step, the manipulator is loading the cable marked “China Mobile”.It is understood that In 2021, Fortis group won the bidding of China mobile communication cable collection 19.62% of the comprehensive share, ranked the second in China.Futong Group jiaxing (Jiashan) optical communication whole industry chain factory is based on optical communication industry, opening up the whole industry chain from optical communication raw and auxiliary supporting materials to optical fiber prefabricated rod, to optical fiber and optical cable, exploring “innovation of industrial organization mode”, “innovation of production and manufacturing organization mode” and “innovation of market (business) mode”.”This intelligent workshop integrates original products and processes, combines manufacturing technology with automation technology and information technology, and allows machines to organize production independently.”According to the person in charge of the site, the production data is centralized on the cloud, and the product transportation realizes intelligent transportation, and the factory is getting closer to the ideal intelligent factory.”Next, our goal is to target unattended.”The chief said.This Spring Festival, to actively respond to the call of the Party Committee and the government for epidemic prevention and control, Fortis Group proposed that cadres and employees celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.At the same time, in order to actively ensure the needs of the country’s 5G information network construction, fortis group has decided to work overtime during the Spring Festival to ensure the needs of the country’s INFORMATION construction.January 13, Fortis group issued an initiative, the initiative of cadres and employees to actively respond to the party committee, the government’s call for local New Year, not necessary to flow.At the same time, the company requires its subsidiaries to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, ensure the health of employees, and make overall and reasonable arrangements for the production and rest of employees during the Spring Festival, so as to seize the construction period and market opportunities for the Spring Festival and help the first quarter “open steadily and open well”.It is understood that fortis jiaxing (jiashan) industrial cluster of advanced manufacturing technology of optical communication, and is mainly engaged in electronic information industry the development of optical communications in the field of the whole industry chain, standards in 5 g field optical fiber preform, optical fiber, optical cable and optical devices, optical fiber preform, optical system product research and development, manufacture and sales of all industry chain, build community optical communication industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises,To build an optical communication advanced manufacturing industrial cluster with the largest single scale and the highest competitiveness in the world.