The rain and snow are coming again tomorrow

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Today, Feb 4, marks the start of Spring, the first solar term of the 24 solar terms.In many places of our country, the beginning of Spring is regarded as the beginning of spring, but in fact, the meteorological sense of spring is not extensive.Although the start of Spring solar term, most parts of China is still in the meteorological sense of winter, the temperature in many parts of the country is relatively low, snow is still very common.But from the average temperature, around the start of Spring, the temperature in many parts of the country began to stop falling back up, the pace of spring is near.Our province’s weather is also very appropriate across a wide range of years snow and rain down from the year of the ox in the year of the tiger but a rain and snow seems know today is spring throttle from beginning to end yesterday it across years work out time to “spring” to make a card yesterday precipitation in yunnan mainly appeared in the east of zhaotong in yunnan zhaoyang, diqing politician sleet or snow shower clock time is always short from tomorrowAt the beginning, the wet and cold weather will “come back again”. It is expected that there will be a rain and snow weather process in our province from February 5th to 6th due to the influence of the southwest warm and wet air flow in front of the south branch trough.With precipitation in most parts of the province, the highest temperature drop in 4 to 6 ℃ in western yunnan, southern yunnan, yunnan and eastern yunnan local fog in the morning the northeast, northwest yunnan have icy roads this wave of rain and snow to go faster 7 began to the province’s most rain pause, started to pick up the concrete temperature forecast precipitation forecast on 4 February 20 to Feb. 5, 20:In diqing, there will be moderate to heavy snow in some areas, and there will be heavy snow in high altitude areas. In the east of Zhaotong, there will be light to moderate snow, and in the west of Nujiang, north of Baoshan, west of Lincang and west of Pu ‘er, it will be cloudy to light to moderate rain. In other areas, it will be cloudy to showers.From 20 hours on 5 February to 6 February:Diqing, east of zhaotong Yin in the snow, high altitudes have big to blizzard local big blizzard, north south of zhaotong, qujing, north of lijiang, Dali north Yin sleet, north nu, baoshan, dehong and lincang, pu in the northern, southern red river Yin has local heavy rain to heavy rain, other parts of the cloudy cloudy and between small to moderate rain local heavy rain.20:00, Feburary 6 to 20:00, Feburary 7: eastern Zhaotong overcast with light snow, eastern Qujing, eastern and southern Wenshan, southern Honghe showers turn cloudy, other areas between sunny and cloudy.It is particularly reminded that February 5th to 6th is the peak period of holiday return travel, so we should pay attention to the impact of rain and snow weather on travel, especially in northwest and northeast Yunnan to prevent the adverse impact of ice on road transportation.The nujiang river and the western part of Diqing should be on guard against geological disasters such as collapse and landslide caused by local heavy rainfall, and western Yunnan, central Yunnan and southern Yunnan should also be on guard against strong convective weather such as thunder, hail and gale.Western Yunnan, southern Yunnan and central And eastern Yunnan will have local fog in the morning, while northwest yunnan, central Yunnan and eastern Yunnan will have instantaneous gale in the afternoon, which should be taken care of.The forecast of forest fire danger meteorological level is expected to be level 3 in the east of Lijiang and Level 1 ~ 2 in other areas from 20 o ‘clock on February 4 to 20 o ‘clock on February 5.Fireworks during the Spring Festival should be on fire prevention.The beginning of Spring is the most popular solar term among the 24 solar terms.In order to welcome spring, Chinese people have a series of activities on this day, such as “biting spring” for happiness, “whipping spring” for prosperity, and “Tanchun” outing, among which “biting spring” is the most famous.In the north, people eat spring cakes to “bite the spring”.Spring cakes, baked or steamed with warm water and stuffed with bean sprouts, eggs, leeks and other fillings, have become one of the most popular foods around the start of Spring.In terms of eating method, the old Beijing people are most particular about spring cakes, which must be rolled into a tube and eaten from head to tail.In the south, such as Fujian, Taiwan, Hunan, Guangdong and southern Guangxi, people mainly eat spring rolls.Spring roll fillings are very rich, such as bean paste, peanuts, cabbage and seafood, the practice is also different from the north, is a dry dough wrapped with fillings, fried and fried.In addition, since the Spring Festival is around the start of Spring solar term, so the Start of Spring solar term has more years of flavor.Paste Spring Festival couplets, hang New Year pictures, make dumplings, visit temple fairs…With the arrival of the Lunar New Year, the cycle of four seasons has quietly begun.”The east wind blows the plum tip snow, saves the world spring overnight.From now on, Yangchun should have feet, flowers and riches and grass spirit.”Spring has come, all things revive, let us look forward to spring together.