South Korea at all costs!Ren Ziwei took back the gold medal, general Lee Jung-soo said, 13 words to pressure the judges

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South Korea at all costs!Take back all the gold medal, star lee jung-su, 13 words put pressure on the referee (Beijing time) on February 8, 2022, just after the 1000 – meter short-track speed skating competition, as all, cb, won the championship and we all know, to win the game is not easy, because everyone is found, China’s 3 contestants Wu Dajing, President of all, cb,After 4 competitions, successfully entered the final, the process is very hard, are very heart-stirring.Disturbance for the three Chinese players are rivals, skidded off the track, foul South Korea since ancient times is very much, now the ioc penalties are updated. All led up to the south was sent off, and finally let all be Hungary’s foul, won the gold medal is accidental, but the manager said, the gold is no any dispute,However, Hwang Dae-heon of the South Korean team objected to the competition and said the gold medal was unfair.Now South Korea, at all costs to the ioc put forward the appeal, said to take back the gold medal in 1000 meters, or even require replay, now South Korea is very lonely, 500 meters own game players are fighting each other, between immensely powerful South Korea now, no any gain on short track speed skating projects, everyone know that South Korea’s skating is also strong,Always competitive.Now although complaint to cancel the Chinese team gold medal, but also is very slim hope, while South Korea star lee jung-su said, he is the champion of the south 1500 meters and 1000 meters, catching a flight home tomorrow, hope to South Korea, he said, the referee too outrageous, South Korea home early to prepare the next winter Olympics, the Olympic gold medal was given by the referee,Is not the strength of the embodiment, now The Chinese team in the Winter Olympics, as the host to achieve a perfect harvest, natural South Korean team is certainly not happy.And Hungarian was stripped of the gold medal, but players Liu Shaoang post, said the Olympic 1000 m speed skating, all five finals is Chinese name, harvest a lot of fans, now lee jung-su 13 characters, the winter Olympics gold medal is given by the referee, let all the people are very angry, this is can’t afford to lose.So what do you think about this?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!