Manchester City v Brentford preview: Blue Moon’s home win cements top spot bees with six defeats in seven games

2022-04-29 0 By

At 03:45 on February 10, the 24th round of the Premier League, the defending champions and leaders Manchester City host the newly-promoted Brentford.Manchester City v Brentford, here’s what to watch: First: both teams!After 23 rounds of the English Premier League, Manchester City, with 18 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, are at the top with 57 points, 9 points ahead of Liverpool, who have played a game less.Brentford are 14th on 23 points with 6 wins, 5 draws and 12 losses.In the last round of the English Premier League, Manchester City were held 1-1 by Southampton, ending their 12-game winning streak.Brentford lost 2-1 at home to Wolves, their sixth defeat in seven league games.Second: blue moon strong troops and horses, home will easily win the bees!Manchester City’s squad is now fit and stable, the team at home to promoted brentford, city are in good form, Brentford is in poor form, the bees can not stop the Azzurri away to take all three points.Third: will DeBrowne get assists and Sterling remain happy?Manchester City are at home to Brentford. Will the recently in-form De Braunay score assists, while the happy boy Sterling will continue to be happy, or will he score goals?The two sides have met only once recently, with City winning 1-0 at Brentford.Injury: Manchester City has Jesus;Brentford has Jorgensen, Fossu.