Rain to blessing to

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The rain came, let the rain bring you good luck, everything is successful hug;May rain bring you happiness, happy life laughter every day;May the rain bring you friendship, blessing sound around.Happy rain!Rain solar term, my blessing to: may your sorrow like snow and ice, all melting does not remain;May you be happy as the spring rain, with the wind to fill the heart.Wish career such as early spring grass, thriving;May the mood be as relaxed as the spring rain!Lingering drizzle is a happy manna, moistening the spring is infinite, soft soft rain is the spring of happiness, irrigation endless vitality, rain season, may infinite spring bring you happy light constantly, endless vitality bring you endless contentment.Happy rain!Tiger year rain festival, dragon King send you rain: timely rain moistens the heart, lucky rain moistens the cause;Moved rain moistens love, healthy rain moistens the body;Bless the rain moisten life, smooth rain moisten the best!Happy Rain Festival!Rain to health to remember.The temperature difference between day and night is large when the weather is warm and cold.Don’t take off your winter clothes. You should keep warm.The heart is flat and the spleen and stomach are peaceful.Proper morning exercise is key.Diligent shu muscles and bones, health with you.The spring breeze came flowers fragrance, spring rain wet.Spring thunder bursts of people wake up, baiye progress in front of us.People meet the spirit of The Times, strive upward forever forward.Rain brings soaring ambition, help you to sail the sea.I wish the rain season, work smoothly, ideal as soon as possible!