Is Japan targeting our cigarette butts again?Buying large amounts of money at high prices, with ulterior motives

2022-04-28 0 By

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the recycling market has become very hot, especially the recycling of waste clothes by the majority of citizens, some communities downstairs have special waste clothes recycling stations.It is understood that old clothes can be donated to families in mountainous areas and some poor areas as long as they are thrown into the recycling station and go through a series of processing, so that they can also wear warm clothes.Some schools also organize donation activities to teach children to pass on the love.Experts say the recycling of waste materials plays a crucial role in saving energy and reducing emissions, while contributing to environmental protection in the face of a shortage of energy and materials.It is worth noting that the recycling of waste clothing is understandable, but there is still a large number of “cigarette butts recycling” in the recycling market, and China’s cigarette butts are exported to Japan.What’s going on here?According to related reports, In the name of environmental protection, Japan recently bought cigarette butts at 6 YUAN per catty.This has led some people to pick up cigarette butts on the street and hoard them in their spare time or spontaneously.Cigarette butts as a kind of harmful waste, full of nicotine and tar, make people curious.What is the recycling value of something that nobody wants?What is Japan’s secret about Chinese cigarette butts?Experts say cigarette butts may not look like much, but in fact, the fiber acetate used in filters is very important.China imports a large amount of this material from abroad every year, and the price of a ton is about 20,000 yuan.In addition, solanesol and other substances added inside cigarette butts are also important pesticide raw materials, which can be transformed into raw materials for medical devices after treatment.In other words, as long as the key material can be extracted from it, cigarette butts will play a big role.As an island nation with scarce resources, Japan can only buy industrial raw materials from other countries, which is an economic burden for it.So when the pandemic swept the world and industrial raw materials soared, Japan thought of recycling, directly reducing production costs.There is no denying that with the growing energy shortage on earth, renewable resources and the recycling of resources are becoming crucial, and Japan has advanced knowledge in this area.Japan’s other actions aside, countries should indeed focus on recycling.