In the World episode 37: Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong divorce

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Feng Huarong and Wang Zi after the private meeting, decided to let three people suffer, rather than let oneself a person to bear, and Wang Zi again embrace respectively.Feng Huacheng home, specially made a big table food, Zhou Rong came back to feel very surprised, two people at the dinner table before the hard days in Guizhou, as long as Feng Huacheng went out to work, always give Zhou Rong back a bunch of flowers, once really did not spend, back to a bunch of grass, always want to put life into a poem.Feng Huacheng said, those are in the past, about Zhou Rong together for mature toast.Feng Cheng directly to Zhou Rong put forward a divorce, and the reason is because of Wang Zi.Zhou Rong heart pain, but her pride does not allow yourself to show weakness in front of Feng Cheng, will go to Guizhou to find feng Cheng at the age of nineteen, said that young not sensible, made a mistake.Feng Huarong did not expect zhou Rong was this way of looking at things, heart frustration, quickly carrying luggage to leave home.See Feng Huacheng out of the door, Zhou Rong tears no longer pressure, immediately burst into tears.Zhou Rong tried hard to bear her sadness, but did not eat a few mouthfuls of food. She dropped her chopsticks and cried herself out.CAI Xiaoguang is worried about the role in the play, suddenly remembered Zhou Rong’s bookiness is in line with such a role, specially to call.Zhou Rong reluctantly picked up the phone, but there was no desire to go on, quickly hung up.Aware of the wrong CAI Xiaoguang hurried to Zhou Rong home to see the situation, that Feng Huarong proposed a divorce, comfort Zhou Rong, from now on a separate two wide, each happy is also good.But Zhou Rong remembered Feng Yue, she thought Feng Yue was not how to get a mother’s love, want to give her a complete home, did not expect To make this out of Feng Huarong.CAI Xiaoguang see Zhou Rong is really sad, stretched out his hand to comfort the back of Zhou Rong, zhou Rong is extremely sad to rely on CAI Xiaoguang’s shoulder tears.Zhou Zhigang with Feng Yue zhou Rong opened the door, looking at sitting on the sofa, hugging CAI Xiaoguang and Zhou Rong, face down.Zhou Zhigang did not listen to CAI Xiaoguang’s explanation, let him leave, to learn from Zhou Rong feng Huacheng unexpectedly proposed divorce, and the reason is derailed writers association Wang Zi, angrily to find Feng Huacheng.Zhou Rong afraid of an accident, quickly ordered Feng Yue to follow Zhou Zhigang.Zhou Zhigang pushed a bicycle, all the way in the writers’ association dormitory building called Feng Huacheng’s name.Feng Huacheng came out of the building, apologize to Zhou Zhigang, Zhou Zhigang was angry, hit Feng Huacheng slap.Feng Yue quickly stopped, Zhou Zhigang picked up the bicycle on the ground, all the way, all the way to think, when Feng Turned into Zhou Rong as his everything, also made a heavy oath, did not expect to have such a day.Feng Huacheng said “I’m sorry” to The tears of Feng Yue.Feng Yue tragic smile, she already knew that Feng Huarong put his life more important, had been accustomed to his regardless of turning around to chase Zhou Zhigang.Feng Yue since the accident at home, the sky collapsed, she began not to study hard, in and out of the dance hall.Zhou Rong know because of their failure of love, give Feng Yue bad inspiration, let her not hope for love, began to give up, privately to Find Zheng Juan, hope she can agree to Zhou Nan and Feng Yue together.Zheng Juan was washing clothes when Zhou Rong went to find her.Zheng Juan made it clear that she did not agree with Feng Yue and Zhou Nan together, as for the reason, Zhou Rong also know.Zhou Rong used to see Zheng Juan, has been based on family, but in this matter, Zheng Juan is not loose, Zhou Rong did not have a way, had to go to the school gate to find Zhou Nan.Zhou Nan learned that Feng Yue is now on the edge of the cliff, hurried to the dance hall to find Feng Yue.Feng Yue has not zhou Nan hope, carelessly said he did not listen to the class, do not do homework after school, go to the dance hall after school.Zhou Nan looked at the front of the Feng Yue, can not help but heartache, he asked Feng Yue, tsinghua about still count?Feng Yue think he is a group of thatch, not with ideal, but she heard Zhou Nan said, when she was interested in, finally regain hope, obediently and Zhou Nan went home together.Zhou Nan and Feng Yue respectively, hug goodbye, remind her not to forget about Tsinghua, if you feel bitter, chew chew chew swallow.