FF91 order fraud rate amazing!Does Jia Yueting make cars and play?

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Jia Yueting is having trouble building a car again.Priced at more than 1.3 million yuan, 14,000 cars were allegedly reserved, but only a few hundred were actually paid 50,000 yuan for the deposit.How would you feel about that?Data image, is FF91 order fraud rate over 96%.Of all the car makers, Jia Yueting should be considered very tough, no one.In all the entrepreneurs, Jia Yueting should also be the most can endure persistence, of course, can only count one.No matter how much money we owe, no matter how many difficulties we have, no matter how many setbacks we have already met.Jia yueting can think of ways to find countermeasures, and eventually gradually returned to a more favorable situation.On this point you have to admire him, ordinary people can stand one or two setbacks, three or four, five or six, seven or eight, can you stand?I don’t think so, but Jia yueting will.An entrepreneur who has been characterized as a veteran, but also to build cars for so long, perhaps some people will say, can be relatively thick skin, can also be said to be persistent in order to target.From the point of view of thick skin, if the skin is not thick, sometimes do things really will not succeed, so some thick skin is also one of the qualities of success in business.Suffocating for dreams, this is the words of leEco era, but maybe jia Yueting is telling from the heart.Recently, Jia yueting has run into big trouble.From the news in June last year, FF91 priced at more than 2 million YUAN will be priced at more than 2 million yuan, and you can make reservations by paying 50,000 yuan.At that time, according to the official announcement, there were 14,000.From being considered as PPT, to having a sample car, and then to having a large number of reservations.Jia Yueting’s dream of building a car seems to have come true, at least according to many outside the industry.But going into 2022, all that seems in doubt.Most importantly, predetermined amounts contain significant moisture.This is data embellishment and gross dishonesty.The stock price has fallen so much, and with this kind of dishonest news, will investors still trust Jia yueting?Mr Jia and ferrari’s CEO both took a 25 per cent pay cut and reported to the executive chairman.These all suggest punishment and restraint.May be very concerned is, in the face of such a situation, Jia Yueting can come up with what way to break the situation?The FF 91, which sold for more than 2 million yuan, was later revised to more than 1.3 million yuan, but that was already more than some mercedes-benz S-Class models.It was two gimmicks: it was more expensive than the S-Class and it had 14,000 orders.Although the order is only a down payment of 50,000 yuan, but enough to witness the confidence and enthusiasm.With such a good performance, one guessed: Jia yueting smiled.Founded nearly seven years ago, Faraday Future was a leader in the idea of building new energy cars at the beginning, but now the new energy car market has been competing with each other.Jia Yueting has been vector production sprint, passed one milestone after another, but has not yet achieved mass production.Even if energy is produced, it takes a long time to kill.Did Jia yueting laugh?Not really, because bad times are here again.That is ff91 scheduled data false.According to media reports, there are only a few hundred reservations, which is a big gap from the 14,000 reservations disclosed in ferrari’s prospectus for the future last year.Jia yueting’s credit has been discounted again.In July of last year, Faraday Future launched a public offering to raise more than $1 billion to mass-produce FF 91.Jia Yueting, trapped by capital fracture, has a new financing channel.The first flagship model, the FF 91, has received more than 14,000 orders and is expected to sell more than 400,000 units over the next five years, according to the prospectus.These are big numbers, numbers that give investors confidence.Faraday Future was officially listed on NASDAQ on July 22 last year. Jia Yueting was laughing happily when he was interviewed by the media.After that, progress accelerated.On September 19 last year, FF China’s senior management team was unveiled.Along with that came the announcement of a partnership with Geely Holdings and the location of a flagship store in China.Upcoming mass production and the importance of the Chinese market are strong signals.More importantly, FF Hanford has since completed the construction of its Hanford plant, obtained production qualification, and announced the completion of preparations for the installation of the production line for the quasi-production vehicles.However, under the influence of the short selling report, FF set up a special committee of independent directors to investigate, the results of the investigation showed that the booking of FF91 vehicles, only hundreds of order bookings have been paid!There is no payment of the reservation, so in some e-commerce platforms can be made at any time millions of volume.The announced target number is indeed ironic.Fourteen thousand down to a few hundred reservations, dream and reality are still far away.It is not easy to build a car with new energy.Now is an era of capital, where can make money, but also in a very short time will erect a very high threshold.Just like li Bin said in the future, there is no 30 billion now, don’t think of infiltrating and coming in to build cars.Got punched in the face again.Is jia Yueting’s road to car making still a play?There must be a play.Although there are more episodes.But FF’s push for mass production has not stopped.There are two pieces of news that you can pay attention to.The news is that the FF 91 will begin mass production at FF Hanford this summer.In other news, Faraday Future’s stock has lost nearly 70% of its value in less than a year.Faraday Future closed Feb. 2 at $4.22 a share, up from $13.78 last July.Strong Jia Yueting car, can this summer to pull the mass production of the assault horn?The answer may not be definitive, as it was also announced last summer that the FF91 would go into mass production, but it didn’t.In this era of new energy vehicles, many car companies are discussing the mode of changing electricity or charging, and Ferrari is still considering when to produce energy in the future, which is rather a big reality gap.Finally, a word: Jia Yueting come on!