Dahua Westward Journey 2:20 years when the tiger New Year, I and dahua indissoluble bond

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In imperceptible between, the game has been available for twenty years, a Chinese Odyssey 2 is launched on August 15, and at that time, I was a lad, what all don’t know, simple happiness filled with every day, to save while looking for happiness in the game, the blink of an eye, more than ten years past, very happy and that a band of brothers and contact.A Chinese Odyssey 2 think at the beginning of the login screen, compared with now is different, the familiar music and panel of dull, no large decoration, and then the rest of us, especially pure, now gradually took to the society, began to have a different people around, shouldering responsibility, writing his own dream.At the beginning of the tianjie Cloud temple, do not know what is routine is to play with sex, not now strategy, is a rush of strange upgrade, novice period kept lost, later with the level of promotion, I also endure, but still in the back of the pack to continue to work hard.At the beginning of our 2 words now 2 plot and a Chinese Odyssey “version is still constantly updated, just in order to give players a better experience, put in the heart of the beautiful things gradually to portray, the year of the tiger that blessing comes, in the New Year I hope that my brother and big players come true and good luck in the year of the tiger, as long as pay will have harvest.This year is also the ninth year for warm Spring activities to accompany everyone. This upgraded version of the Chang ‘an Temple Fair shocks us. From January 14 to February 26, we can click on the upper right to log in and select the server and account.Far in the other side of the wanderer whether there is a different taste in my mind, missing relatives, missing beauty.The year of the Tiger has come to a New Year, which is an important moment for Da Hua 2. New plot, new scene, new gameplay and new summoning beast will meet with players. The road is long and I see no end.In the game world, also a miniature of the real life, in the process of line on the tramp, will read to learn more, have the skills to enrich themselves, so that your life or to other aspects of things can be more safe, safe, hermit is a expert, see if there is any accident, can let the other people, continuous efforts, will have the result.Chang ‘an city activities flowers, rivers and mountains dancing, the grand ceremony in Chang ‘an is unimaginable, the preparation is very sincere, call their good brothers to inhale European gas!Poor strange hand do, cash red envelope, gilt treasure kam classic edition and other surprises, all have, not afraid of your cloud is good, afraid of brother miss, each big talk brother we always chang ‘an.