Year of the Tiger: The year of the Tiger!

2022-04-27 0 By

To the New Year, I wish you all the year of tiger heart tiger, tiger!”God will ol” the year of the tiger latest on February 11, due to the expansion of each generation will take everyone enjoy eternal lofty sentiments, gathered in all previous dynasties celebrities, qin shihuang, Confucius and zhaoyun guan yu is at your disposal, super cool game ever military commanders, let you play I couldn’t stop, enjoy historical celebrities to form, join “god will ol” won the heaven and earth together.The recruitment system of “Shenjiang Online” provides a strong combat guarantee for players. The general can be recruited, and the combat ability of the general is very strong, and can assist players in battle.Warrior system is very rich and interesting, which is historical military commanders covered one hundred person of the history, including the monarch, the emperor yu warrior, enchanting beauty, etc., containing historical military commanders, as well as a variety of mixed weapon military commanders exotics riding warrior, you can choose to like they recruited the military commanders to belong to your super procession.”God will OL” military system is a major feature of the game, gameplay and other games in the “pet system” is different, more colorful than the traditional mode, especially in the military will get, in addition to the conventional task gift, fighting grab, more special “rescue the prison car” gameplay.That is to say, in the exploration scene, the player has the opportunity to encounter a general trapped by a prison van, as the saying goes, “the road is not smooth, pull out a sword to help”, as long as the player kills all the enemy before the general dies, can successfully rescue the trapped general, this general will always be loyal to you oh!Only a right-hand man is far from enough, “God will BE ol” to let the player enjoy a unified group of free cool, for everyone to provide the warehouse of military generals, how much you will be able to collect.The acquired generals are not affected at all, and the new ones are endless. The large and infinite warehouses can satisfy your desire for collection!Thousands of generals gathered in god will, deduce the biography of qunxia in different times, join “God will OL”, feel leading qunxiong experience!