Why did the two monks “demand a bribe” when Tang Priest was ordered by the Tathagata to fetch the true sutras?

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# film and TELEVISION chat # Tang Monk received the order of the Tathagata to get true sutras, why in the west by two monks “bribe”?In the “Journey to the West” ninety-eighth time, tang’s monk and his disciples four people through untold hardships finally quickly came to the Temple of Lei Yin, jinding Fairy in guanyin’s command to entertain them, let the four people eat some fast food, took a bath, in yuzhen view comfortably rest for a night.The next morning, the four continued their journey and arrived at the foot of Lingshan, only to encounter a wide river eight or nine miles wide. There was no ferry boat in the river, only a single-plank bridge that people could not walk.Just when they are troubled, the South without treasure building light Buddha across a bottomless boat ferry them across the river, boarded the Lingshan.After seeing tang Priest and his disciples, the Tathagata first asked Ana Nuo and Gaya to take them to study, and then ordered him to pick up a few volumes of each of the 35 books in the three Tibetan Sutras and give them to Tang Priest, telling him to spread them to the east and pour out his blessing forever.Tang’s monk and other people spent ten years, very not easy to come to the Thunder sound temple to obtain the true scriptures, this thought is a happy thing, but do not want to appear in the middle of a small episode.At the time of preaching the sutras, A Nuo, Kaya said to tang priest: the holy priest came from the east earth, do you have any gifts for us, hurry up, we can also fax the sutras to let you go?Tang’s monk listened to immediately meng, a few meaning?Did not understand, can only helplessly answer: come from a long way, did not have a gift.O Nuo, Jia Ye smell speech and laugh: pass on the scriptures to you in vain, the descendants should starve to death.It’s pretty straightforward. No gifts, no scriptures.Sun Wukong listens to be very angry, say to Tang’s monk: master, we tell the tathagata to go, let him pass the sutra personally.A Nuo one see wukong want to complain, immediately say: “mo shout!What is this place? You’re running wild!But in the end, the scriptures were handed down to the four tang Monks, but without words.The burning lamp next door ancient Buddha early all this see in the eye, he let bai Xiong the Buddha blew the wind to the scripture blowing all over the sky, then Tang’s monk and others found the truth, crying to: this paradise, there are also evil bullying people li!After the tang monk led the three disciples to find the Tathagata again, want to let the tathagata to rule a Nuo, jia Ye’s sin, but the Tathagata did not, just let a Nuo, Jia Ye pass a word again.However, let a person absolutely did not think of is, these two people as before is a word: do not give a gift do not pass classics, Tang’s monk helpless his purple gold bowl sent out.A lot of people see here is very confused, tang’s monk but in order to get the truth, o Nuo, Jia Ye two people how dare dare to “bribe” Tang’s monk?For this matter netizens have many people think that the west is not what clean land, see 99 81 difficult to know, there are backstage of the monster were taken away, no backstage of the monster were killed.Buddha and people have the same good or bad points, evil also like to earn petty profits, as Tang’s monk said at the beginning of that “paradise also have evil bullying people li!”But is this really the case?In fact, o Nuo, Jia Ye to tang’s monk “bribe” just fax the nature of the truth, read the original will understand.First let’s talk about the identity of Ano and Kaya.These two are one of the ten disciples of the Buddha, is the Buddha, status is not low, how can be greedy of other people’s money, let alone Kaya himself is a Brahmin family, there are countless money, do not care for a purple gold bowl.They did so because the law does not pass lightly, the road does not sell cheaply, the doctor does not knock on the door, the teacher does not follow the road.As the saying goes, the harder it is to get something, the better it is, and the easier it is to get something, no matter how precious it is, it will not be valued.Will anyone value what is given for nothing?Of course not, so only tang’s monk takes out his most precious baby exchange, true classics ability passes on.In addition, It is not because the Tang priest did not give gifts that Kaya spread false sutras, in fact, the first spread of no word sutras and have words sutras are true, why say so?Just look at what the Tathagata and the Lantern Buddha said.For example, some people of Dongtu and Nanzhou are so stupid and arrogant that they slander true sutras and do not know the secret of the Buddhist sect. No written sutras are true even though they are white, but they are also true because they are so ignorant that they cannot understand them.He said that all the monks in the east were ignorant and did not know the sutras without words. Wouldn’t it be a waste of his arduous journey to ask the Tang priest to retrieve the sutras?It can be seen that the scriptures without words are not only the real scriptures, but also more precious than the real scriptures with words. Unfortunately, ignorant people can not understand them, and it is too wasteful to pass them on to Tang Priest.