“Smart Love” Lu shan officially announced their relationship, her boyfriend is a vegetarian, the two just spent Valentine’s Day

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“Smart Love” is a new love observation reality show variety show, although the broadcast of bad reputation, but there are a few well-known guests still receive a lot of netizens’ attention.Shows only one of a pair of hand successful guest Cui Yu dowa Jin Ziyi, two people return to offline rushed after a breakup, Cui Yu with has been netizen called for both logout, and then rarely appears in the public eye, while the Jin Ziyi net friend a piece of love, from this terrible failure came out in a relationship.Emily Chang, the most controversial and reviled female guest, has also found love.The most heart-wrenching guest was Lushan.Wang Jingzong to Lu Shan that is one eye ten thousand years, from Lu Shan debut that moment began, Wang Jingzong’s eyes only she, and Lu Shan also to this gentle and well-behaved male guest full of good feelings, once let the net friend lock CP.Who knows the Wulan of midway entrance, the glamour that breaks out by right of male hormone touched Lv Shan at a time, let her instant love head.As a result, the show “Smart Love” staged scene after scene of the triangle.And Lu Shan in the heart is Wulan, the right choice is Wang Jingzong, hesitated, decided to wulan rushed to go, can be imagined, such a reversal of the story, the inevitable result is Wang Jingzong net love, Lu Shan suffered network violence.Still more outrageous is, the plot reverses again, everywhere suppresses Wang Jingzong, to Lv Shan closely pursues wulan, in the final confession moment actually did not turn around for Lv Shan, bring about their failure in hand.Lu shan’s tears were met with little sympathy from netizens, who said she deserved what she had done.Were ulam until shortly after the program MSC, when already have a girlfriend, also love all program, you just love dearly to rosanne lui, because no one will like both cheat philandering emotional man, to this kind of cheating the feelings of the guest is hate her teeth, this time, netizens love dearly the empathy of the weak.Lv Shan alone beautiful voice also more and more, not only no net friend to her cynicism, but therefore countless circle powder.After all, in the “Smart Love” this show of love, Lu Shan is the existence of the appearance level ceiling, she is beautiful donuts, beautiful charm sense, beautiful to the hearts of fans.Who does not love the beauty, so the beauty is not in love with this matter, also became the heart of the fans, we are looking forward to have so a sunshine handsome and understand her love her boy quickly appear.It’s valentine’s Day, and fans are finally getting some good news.Lu Shan celebrated Valentine’s Day late at night, still did not forget to give her fans the good news with sugar.She officially announced her relationship on her social media platform.Even though it’s just a red heart and a picture of nine palaces, fans can still smell the sweet smell of dog food.So some fans asked the question directly: “Are you in love?”Lu Shan is very generous to respond: “yes, in love, the other person is not playing the Internet ordinary people, so not ai, I wish you can also have love!”Oh my God, this is so sweet, fans are sending good wishes.Since Lu Shan said that her boyfriend is an ordinary person, and there are many Internet celebrities, she did not disclose her identity for the sake of protecting her boyfriend, in order to avoid his future troubles, but it is also a wise decision, fans said that they understand, but also believe that Lu Shan will eventually let her boyfriend appear, but the time has not come.Looking back at lu shan’s official photos, they met in a high-end western restaurant, with red wine glasses, a bouquet of roses and exquisite gift boxes on the table. No one needs to guess, let alone imagine, they had just spent a very romantic Valentine’s Day together.Valentine’s day candy, this is the biggest joy of fans, see Lu Shan harvest love, happiness overflow, fans wish already.