Science and technology empower, help zhaoxiang town garbage classification file upgrade

2022-04-27 0 By

Digital transformation and intelligent management have gradually become an important project for all streets and towns to carry out comprehensive social governance. According to the construction requirements of “unified management of one network” of district urban transport center and the difficulties and pain points in the process of social governance, Zhaoxiang Town urban Transport Center has developed intelligent scene of garbage classification intelligent supervision platform.By enabling the technology of urban transport platform, it makes use of the three-screen interconnection of large screen, medium screen (computer) and small screen (mobile phone), and has related basic functions such as intelligent recognition, video monitoring, assessment management and data analysis, providing strong support for the fine management of garbage classification.During the new round of review, the garbage classification platform of Zhaoxiang Town submitted 47 garbage classification problems through camera intelligent discovery and APP initiative, with a case settlement rate of 100%.Through flat disposal means, the efficiency of garbage classification and disposal is accelerated, and the principle of immersive experience participation with residents and enhanced classification consciousness is promoted to facilitate the new trend of garbage classification.Before the use of the supervision platform, it took 5 cadres a day to complete the inspection of 30 garbage rooms in villages. The inspection of 30 garbage rooms could be completed within 1 minute by relying on machines.The platform’s 24-hour machine inspection without blind areas and intelligent AI video recognition enable easier problem discovery and less effort to solve.In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of village residents in garbage classification supervision and attract the active participation of the masses, in the 2.0 upgrade process, the mobile terminal small program as the starting point, the cumulative use of more than 30 people in the test stage.A small program to support 6 kinds of characters, realize the staff behavior, sites, garbage classification regulation, whether volunteers sign in clock in, to the inspection “, a choice, a beat “to complete the report problems, or evaluation member captured the scene photos and small program provides staff with full participation and mutual supervision platform,Mutual supervision is no longer a slogan.During the test, the small program received more than 40 problems and more than 20 suggestions, providing an efficient and convenient way for mutual supervision.In the future, the mini program will also be open to the whole town residents to strengthen their attention to the self-inspection of garbage classification and enhance their sense of participation in building a green city.Since the launch of the platform, there have been a total of 30 garbage rooms in 6 village committees and 9 neighborhood committees. A total of 804 alarms have been received, of which 781 were found automatically and 23 were reported voluntarily.One is to provide reference for the scheduling time of the staff of functional departments through the early warning of the time and place of high incidence;The second is to provide decision-making for the next step by summarizing and sorting the problems such as not obvious effective classification and non-standard cleaning operations;Third, the ranking statistics and score trend analysis of village residents are conducted to create an atmosphere of striving for excellence in village garbage classification.