Entertainment review: Zhao Liying, Li Yifeng, Zhang Zifeng, Xiao Yuliang, Peng Xiaoran, Gu Ailing

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Zhao Liying also has shares in Jiangsu Straw Bear Company, which is the miracle story of 100,000 yuan. Xiao Zhao has invested in many companies over the years, many of which have been listed, and she has made a lot of money.She has long been a rich woman, won several D bets, and now her net worth is definitely more than ten figures, this figure, ordinary people can not imagine.She is still focusing on her career, and I believe you can see her determination to transform. She stepped out of her comfort zone and shot several tribute dramas. She will not easily accept costume dramas now.As for her relationship, at least it won’t happen this year. She’s definitely at her peak right now.However, the ex-husband’s voice is really not small, said that co-parenting, or the child is more in her control.Li Yifeng has long been indifferent to how “Mirror Two Cities” broadcast, the play has little influence on him, even fans do not care about this play, let it silently flutter, silently disappear, may not appear in the future li Yifeng report card.He accepted the show to sell personal love to the platform, after all, the platform has been beating him, he also can not offend the platform.Therefore, the platform does not want to blame Li Yifeng, after all, it is the script is not good, also does not meet the current audience taste.Now the market is not the world of ancient puppet drama, the previous drama as long as there is a large flow of leading actors, and then every day on the hot search to maintain the heat, can create a big drama feeling.Now the audience is not like that time so good fool, ugly is ugly, quality is not good quality is not good, the status of flow has long been inferior to the past.The industry has also understood that he just did not catch up with the play, although there will be so a little impact on his reputation, but does not prevent him from continuing the transformation of resources.He and Zhang Jingyi’s new film has been turned on, realistic subject matter, adapted from a real case, very good cake, see how he played.3, Zhang Zifeng iqiyi Fog Theater “Home daughter” has been finished, the shooting time of this drama is quite short, in addition to this, Zhang Zifeng hands of the other two stock quality is also good, the film “Crisis Course” partner Andy Lau, network drama “Genius basic Law” theme is also very novel, can look forward to.There is no news about Xiao Yuliang and the brokerage company.He had problems with the company for one thing, but there were other reasons, too, including a still-murky revelation that has kept him quiet so far.I’ve told you many times that whatever happened to him was real, it was real, and no one was going to use him and give him resources anytime soon.If zhang Qiling period is his lack of strength plus disputes failed to seize the opportunity to be popular, it is difficult to stay in the circle behind.5, Peng Xiao peng xiao ran from his old employer iqiyi left to tianhao Shengshi for a short period of time, and then jumped to Thailand Yang Chuanhe, changed the backer resources have picked up, behind the company will play the drama, she was late official publicity of the ancient costume, male team is very strong, just tear to flat.Gu Ailing recently, but the limelight is no two, heat straight to the top flow.She in the Winter Olympics before, the body of more than 20 endorsements, quality is very high.After winning the championship this time, not to mention, sports stars are more popular in the business sector, such as Gu Ailing has real achievements, perfect design, body shape and appearance level, not to mention.LV has decided to give her the title, and also arranged her and Gong Jun to shoot the advertising video together.Recently, there are too many brands that are targeting her, and high luxury wants to cooperate with her. After the Frog Princess Winter Olympics, there are some options.Gu also has plans to enter the entertainment industry. She has said in an interview that she is interested in acting.After filming the winter Olympics campaign with Jackson Yi, gu was asked by the director to star in his new film, but the princess rejected ding because she had already promised Jackie Chan that she would star in his new film.The frog Princess is so popular and popular that she is firmly established as a “genius girl”. Considering her life experience, she really feels that she can do anything well, not to mention acting.