The municipal Bureau of Science and Technology organized the promotion meeting of the construction of industrial innovation service complex in the city

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Recently, the municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized a promotion meeting for the construction of industrial innovation service complex in Jinyun.Liao Xuqing, deputy director of municipal Science and Technology Bureau, presided over and delivered a speech.Leaders in charge of science and technology bureau of each county (city, district), responsible person of business office and responsible person of relevant complex will attend the meeting.Before the meeting, Liao Xuqing, deputy Director of the Bureau, and his delegation made a field survey of jinyun County sawing machine and characteristic machinery industry innovation service complex.At the meeting, Jinyun County and Longquan city exchanged typical experience in building complex respectively;Liu Wenxian, an expert from provincial Science and Technology Project Management Center, was invited to give a lecture. He gave a detailed explanation on the establishment of industrial innovation service complex and annual performance evaluation.After the training explanation, teacher Liu Wenwen gave on-site answers and guidance to the participating units for the problems encountered in the annual performance appraisal.Liao Xuqing fully affirmed the achievements of complex construction in different parts of the city, and put forward the requirements for the next step based on the actual work and existing problems in the city.First, we should strengthen our study and improve our standing position.Local science and technology departments should further enhance their understanding, clarify their ideas, clarify their tasks, and consolidate their responsibilities. They should unswervingly focus on the construction work, pay attention to the quality and effectiveness of planning and construction, and constantly improve the timeliness of the promotion of complex construction.Second, we need to focus on key issues and make targeted efforts.Based on lishui’s industrial foundation and characteristic advantages, we should focus on the role of the complex in promoting the sorting out of common technical problems of the industry and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, solve the problems of enterprise demand difficulties, industrial upgrading pain points, public service blocking points and other problems, and highlight the pivotal position of the complex in industrial technology research.Third, we should integrate resources and introduce carriers.It is necessary to continuously improve the concentration of innovation resources in complex, focus on introducing prestigious universities with high-level colleges and technology transfer institutions, arrange a number of national and provincial innovation Spaces and incubators, accelerate the gathering of more innovation elements and innovation service personnel, and form a one-stop innovation service system.Fourth, we must strengthen our responsibility and work hard.It is necessary to effectively improve service performance, strengthen daily supervision and data submission, summarize and refine the characteristics and highlights of complex construction, and actively present the achievements of the complex in industry-university-research cooperation, technological breakthroughs, scientific and technological services and other aspects.Since the full launch of the construction of industrial innovation service complex in 2017, The city has responded positively, followed up quickly, focused on the layout of new track, cultivated and expanded new drivers, and achieved obvious practical results.Up to now, a total of 755 million yuan has been invested in complex construction, and 9 provincial industrial innovation service complexes and 7 municipal industrial innovation service complexes have been built.The provincial industrial innovation service complex of the city covers the industrial cluster with an output value of 76.441 billion yuan and an r&d investment of 1.2735 billion yuan. The industrial cluster involves 4791 enterprises, including 391 enterprises above the national standard, 201 national high-tech enterprises and 564 provincial small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises.Complex agglomeration including technology research and development, achievements, business incubation, talents training, science and technology innovation services such as financial institutions 191, 66 academics, accumulative total service enterprise 12557 times, solve enterprise technical problem number 1251, the city’s industrial innovation service synthesis in cluster innovation resources, boosting industry development has made some progress,For the city’s scientific and technological innovation to lead the leapfrog high-quality development made an important contribution.Statement: THE copyright of this article belongs to THE original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: