Some people say that the Gala is not as good as before?Is that true?Not necessarily

2022-04-26 0 By

Many people complain that the Gala is getting worse and worse.After the Spring Festival Gala was broadcast, a large number of people on the Internet said that the Spring Festival Gala was getting worse and worse.I do not agree with this view, each Spring Festival Gala is to face the people of the whole country and a lot of overseas Chinese.The entire directing team is sure to come up with the best and most representative work.So some people think that is not good, only one is before Spring Festival gala in his heart left a deep one, for the expression can not accept, second is a lot of people for not familiar with network, especially in the language class show, a lot of network buzzwords of baggage, we don’t know can’t laugh has caused the result.Another aspect is that with the change of times, people’s views are also changing, decades of Spring Festival Gala, the efforts of several generations, once familiar faces are also changing, sometimes it is difficult to adapt to the change of personnel.I personally only found these three aspects, do you have any different views, you can discuss in the comments section.