Look!This group of children on the riverbank used paintbrushes to add color to the Winter Olympics

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are in full swing.Jiangan this group of children have picked up the brush, power for the Winter Olympics, for the Winter Olympic athletes refuelling!01 Yucai Yikang Primary School Xu Jinrui 7 years old we skate to the Temple of Heaven, with bing Dun Dun, snow Rong Rong refueling for the Beijing Winter Olympics!The little tiger is also happy to watch us skating!Come on, 2022!The Winter Olympics in the year of the Tiger is beginning. Bing Dwen dwen and Snow Rong-rong came to wuhan to pass on the joy to the children.Ice Dun Dun and Snow Rong Rong in the Year of the Tiger 03 Houhu Street Li Jiayi 4 years old The Winter Olympic Games have begun, let’s go skiing!”The Games of animals” 04 Yucai Second Boarding Primary School Liu Xingcen 8 and a half years old the motherland once again ushered in the Olympic Games, the dream I came to the Winter Olympics field and the mascots cheer for the athletes, China team will win!”The motherland to welcome the Winter Olympics” 05 Yongqing street Yin Wanzhi5 years old beibei and his mother ready to participate in the Winter Olympics with little snow people, they found a magical plant as long as carefully cultivated, in the Winter Olympics that day will open a beautiful blessing flowers, this magical plant also attracted ice dun dun to watch.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have begun, from the painting ran out of the children to use the fastest way to participate in the Winter Olympic Games, ice dun dun snow Rong Rong in encouraging them, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games we come!Let’s Go to the Winter Olympics!07 Yongqing Street Li Shule 7 years old This year’s Winter Olympics competition is held in China, I am most looking forward to the project is skiing and ice hockey, this game I must cheer for them!”Watch the Winter Olympics together” 08 California kindergarten Han Xingfeng 5 years old I want to become snow Rong Rong, to the stadium, cheer for the Chinese athletes!Come on, China!Bing Dun Dun is our good friend, it takes us together to the future, I think it is a great trip!”Together to the future” 10 Mingxinjie Primary school Li Zhaohan 7 years old The Winter Olympic Games competition is too fierce, attracted the red fire-breathing dragon, pterosaurus, TYrannosaurus rex to watch the competition, who can win the champion?Winter Olympics Final 11 Yongqing Street Liu Jiaqi 9 years old I hope we can be as bing Dwen Dwen, strong, brave and confident!”The power of winter” (source: Dajiang Jinan wechat public number) more exciting content, please download the “Wuhan” client in each major application market.