Inamori kazuo: The more incompetent a person is, the more he likes to do something. I advise you to do the opposite

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A person wants to succeed in the workplace, it is not difficult, as long as we can grasp the individual thinking and behavior, want to do not succeed are difficult.Weekend at home, browsing books, found Inamori Kazuo’s books, with a flip, unexpectedly read all afternoon.And he did a lot of things that are hard to beat even today.Although he was born in war-torn Kagoshima, he grew up poor and almost died of tuberculosis.He dropped out of school several times because his family did not have enough money to pay tuition fees, and his academic performance was not among the best. He was only admitted to third-rate Kagoshima University.After graduation, it was difficult to find a job. With the help of his teacher, he entered a company that was about to go bankrupt. However, in the following 30 years, he successfully founded two fortune 500 companies and single-handedly saved Japan Airlines.He was even called the God of Japanese management.Inamori Kazuo in 2001, because of cancer and choose to retire, devote himself to the study of Buddhism, at the same time he began to focus on the layout of writing, his business and life philosophy compiled into a book, for future generations to learn, exchange.Recently, I read inamori Kazuo’s trilogy, and found that he hates one kind of people and three things most. If you have such a friend around you, I suggest you stay away as soon as possible.With such people, we will only become more and more lazy and incompetent.Inamori Kazuo at the beginning of the business, because of the lack of visibility, so the recruitment of employees with low education, quality is relatively poor, but also especially like to gather together, ridicule the company and leaders.In one case, Inamori, whose company made more than 3 million yuan in profit, was threatened by 11 employees because he refused to give them a raise because he wanted to expand production.But he is unruffled, and those who take the lead in the trouble, the chatty staff education.There are people all over the world who brag and talk.But you rarely see anyone who has achieved great things boasting about them.The more incompetent they are, the more they like to form cliques, ostracize newcomers, and brag.In the book “Dry Law” said: want to succeed, must let oneself become spontaneous combustion, relying on internal motivation to complete the work at hand, continue to have a clear goal.But like a bunch of braggadocials, always in your positive endeavour, pour cold water on you, so if you encounter this kind of people, the best way is to silently away.Everyone has an independent life, so people in this life exactly how much they want to decide.We have a choice to be rich or poor.However, in the workplace, many people have become blind performers in the face of oppression from leaders and criticism from colleagues.Some even said, “Working is the easiest job. As long as I can cast off my responsibilities, I will be lucky as long as there is no big trouble.”Under the influence of such workplace experience, many people have formed the habit of not trying to make progress.If you don’t give him a job, he won’t work at all and will take it for granted.A person with this mindset will never get very far, and a lack of ambition is his personal ceiling.In the process of getting rid of this mentality, we will encounter a lot of difficulties, for example, the more incompetent people like to stand in a small circle, and they are particularly good at ingratiating, duplicity.Although they appear to be gregarious on the surface, in reality, a large number of their “contacts” are nothing more than a rabble.Inamori Kazuo said in his Living Method, “Many truths of life are embodied in work.”In our life, we often meet such people who have almost no ideas of their own, whether it is to choose a major or to find a job.The outside world’s evaluation of him became the standard and basis of their choices, although they often tried, but always unsatisfactory.Inamori kazuo said: “Dare to do things that others have never done, take the road that others have never taken, your life will be rich and colorful, and the places you arrive will be more gorgeous.”If you still don’t understand, or if you always feel that the pressure of reality forces us to follow the advice of others and abandon our own judgment, let’s consider whether we would have been better off doing things our own way.If the answer is yes, what’s wrong with letting yourself be a loner?Kazuo Inamori’s trilogy contains more than 30 years of life lessons, including personal growth, thinking, dealing with people, starting a business, and the underlying logic of acquiring wealth.Each chapter is his own personal experience, for such a book, it is worth reading again and again, to improve the level of life.In this life, the biggest regret is that you don’t dare to live for yourself!