Gu Ailing won the gold medal, the back dragon blind both feel fire!It’s Li Qing

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Introduction: When it comes to the limited skin of LOL, the first thing that comes to my mind is Li Qing, the descendant of the Dragon. As a blind monk lover, he has not had this skin in league of Legends for 10 years.The value of dragon Blind is related to its rarity, but the feel and special effects are not as good as other skins, so players don’t overdo it.Winter Olympics let dragon blind and fire, “Gu Ailing back dragon blind sense” on the hot search!LOL netizen urge fist out joint skin!The 24th Winter Olympic Games, held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, China, have been a huge hit with spectators since it opened on February 4.In the women’s freestyle platform final, Gu Scored an incredibly difficult 94.5 on her third jump to win the gold medal.After the game, the topic of “Gu Ailing’s back dragon blind sense of both vision” became a hot search fire!The gold Dragon ski suit, designed by herself, represents the pursuit of Chinese cultural and sporting dreams.Gu’s handsome back looks like the original skin painting of the dragon, with her name pinyin on the front of her gown and a Chinese dragon shining golden on the back.LOL netizen blunted “Li Qing is superior” “Thank sister Gu Ailing for making Dragon blind and popular” “Li Qing how dehe can tie the Olympic champion”.LOL official post also published to celebrate Gu Ailing, below the player urged the fist to create a joint skin, netizens gave this picture a resounding name: Winter Olympics gold medal limit – dragon’s descendant – Gu Ailing gold Dragon snow robe dazzling color!In addition, Gu Ailing’s back and KDA Akali are also very similar, are handsome and cool girls, there is a golden dragon behind.Gu Ailing and Jin Long are a perfect match. They shine brilliantly in the snow and ice, perfectly embodying the words “descendants of the dragon”.E-sports and traditional sports are inseparable. When Gu Ailing won the gold medal, many players were happy for her, and the audience was excited to see the wonderful match. Maybe this is the charm of athletics.In fact, Gu Is just like ordinary people. She sleeps 10 hours a day, does not like to make bed, likes to eat roast duck and wants to be a gourmet. She gives us the feeling of a girl next door.Net friend ridicule: champion does not fold the quilt, why should I fold!Gu Ailing’s life resonates with many people. She is so cute!Gu is straight out of a novel. She won her first Olympic gold medal at the age of 18.Freestyle skiing women’s big jump is the first time in the history of the Winter Olympics set up, frog princess created history, Jade Ru Yu become, snow hunting dragon!Gu Sister good!Although Li Qing has “ceng” suspicion, but the purpose is to celebrate Gu Ailing champion, are the program effect, we look at it rationally!Do you have dragon blind skin?