Another scandal in the Premier League!The career of 50 million strikers arrested on felony charges could be over

2022-04-26 0 By

In the early hours of January 31, Manchester police announced that an investigation had been launched after a woman posted photographs and videos claiming she had been violently beaten.A man in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. He remains in custody and is being questioned by police.Manchester police are not naming the person involved because of privacy, but several media outlets have identified the man arrested as Greenwood, 21.Greenwood topped the list of under-19s with 50 million euros.On The evening of January 30, Greenwood’s girlfriend posted a series of photos and videos on social media, as well as an audio recording.Greenwood’s girlfriend said she was violently beaten by him.Photos and videos show greenwood’s girlfriend with bruises all over her body and blood streaming from the corners of her mouth.In an audio recording released by her girlfriend, Greenwood allegedly abused her as she tried to end their relationship.She refused to take him any further, but Greenwood demanded that she pose and let him bully her.Greenwood’s girlfriend’s post went viral.Greenwood has remained silent in the face of the criticism.United officials were quick to say they are against violence of any kind and greenwood will not be training or playing at the club for the time being.Manchester Police soon announced an investigation and, just six hours later, Manchester police had rushed to complete their initial investigation and arrested Greenwood.Greenwood’s charges are similar to those of City’s Mendy, who also spent a long time in jail and is now on bail but wearing an electronic ankle bracelet as he awaits trial.For greenwood, 21, it was clear that his career was coming to an end.