Activate “white economy” to create ice and snow brands

2022-04-26 0 By

“With the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s ice and snow industry has ushered in a golden period of development.Our city has unique natural and geographical advantages, and should rely on its own cultural tourism characteristics of the ancient capital, vigorously develop and promote ice and snow cultural industry, create a unique brand of ice and snow industry, let the former ‘black coal capital’ on the road of ‘white economy’ development, promote the economic development of the whole city.”City people’s Congress delegate Zhang Hongyu said.Zhang suggested that the city should make full use of the Internet information platform to promote the transformation and upgrading of the snow and ice industry, form an industrial chain of tourist supply, and promote the city’s snow and ice culture industry to develop in an all-round, multi-field and high-service direction.We should adhere to overall planning, consolidate basic supporting facilities, and scientifically plan and arrange ice and snow sports venues.It is necessary to build a school professional talent training system, increase the opportunities for primary and secondary schools, universities and sports colleges to participate in ice and snow sports in an all-round way, and further popularize ice and snow sports.By planning and holding mass sports events related to ice and snow, the masses’ participation in ice and snow sports will be enhanced in an all-round way, and the gathering highland of ice and snow sports will be built.It is necessary to further build and perfect venues and facilities in line with the standard specifications of the Winter Olympic Games, improve the hosting and reception capacity of cultural and sports activities from various aspects such as transportation services, catering management, safety and emergency response, and further boost the economic development of our city.